Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit to Hubli and Karwar – October 21, 2017

The flight landed at Hubli which included some of the elders, while many had already reached Karwar for the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Shirdi Baba temple which was consecrated by Swami 50 years ago “Sai Katta” in Karwar. When Dr Anant Raikar, almost 85-years-old had came with a group from Karwar a few months ago for Swami’s blessing. The Lord blessed him on stage and assured that He would visit his home as promised earlier, and also attend the 50th Anniversary of the Mandir on October 22nd. Swami had also announced the Bhoomi Puja for the new campus Sri Sathya Sai Satwaniketanam, if the land would get ready by then. There was a frantic search for an appropriate parcel of land. Though the land was identified and finalised, just a couple of two days before, the villagers backed out demanding almost four times the agreed price! The only solution at hand was to surrender at Swami’s Feet. At that moment, Mr Raikar offered his 11 acres which he had wanted to give Swami for a long time, near Belur, nearly 26 kilometers from Karwar town. Swami said, “I will accept anything given only if it is out of a pure feeling. What is the use of ocean water which we can’t drink? A small amount of pure water from a well is all that we need. God owns everything. He covered the earth with one step and the sky with another, but He won’t take anything unless it is given with purity!”

Swami was recieved at the Airport by devotees from Karwar, Hubli and Dharwad. An overwhelmed Mr Anant Raikar shed tears of gratitude. Swami proceeded from the Hubli Airport to the home of Sri Narayan Niranjan, a devotee who’s wife was suspected to have bone cancer. But Swami had told them not to fear as there was no cancer, and the test results turned out negative! Swami was served snacks, and thereafter He blessed the family with interviews and guided them on various matters. Mangala Aarti was offered, and Swami proceeded to the home of the MLA Sri Arvind Ballad next door, where He made many revelations which left the family overwhelmed!

Swami then travelled by car for the next three hours to reach the Kodasalli Power plant guest house tucked away in the forest on the outskirts of Karwar. About 100 devotees from Puttur holding candles, were waiting to celebrate Diwali. As the Lord arrived it was almost 9:40 p.m, and as the children burnt colourful sticks, He was happy to see them and showered His blessings abundantly on all with Prasadam before Mangala Arati. In the guest house a suite was tastefully prepared for Swami. Dinner was served to Him, after which Swami retired for the night.