Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine visit to Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School, Muddenahalli – August 20, 2017

It was a very special day for the young students and staff of the Sri Sathya Sai Loka High School, that they had been eagerly looking forward to as it was the day of the  visit  of their Divine Master. This was the fourth time Swami was visiting the school in His Subtle Form, and the excitement of the students was palpable as they awaited  the arrival of Swami.

Bhagawan  reached  the school  at 10:15 a.m. He was welcomed and led in procession  by a group of boys chanting the Vedas , followed by a group  performing the vigourous  Bhangra dance. There was an air of  festivity as Swami was escorted to the auditorium. The programme commenced with a group of students chanting the Shivopasana Mantra. This was followed by the welcome address by Sri M S Harish, the Headmaster of the school. Thereafter the students staged a forty five minute programme for Swami. These included songs in Telugu, Kannada and also one of the well-known Hindi songs “Hum tere hain Sai” . Bhagawan was touched by the devotion with which these young students were singing.

Thereafter, four students addressed the audience. Hanamesh of the grade seven spoke in Kannada about how his joining in the school had brought  about  a transformation in the attitudes and values of some close family members. After his speech, Swami blessed the boy with a chain.

The next speaker was Akash of grade 10, who spoke in Hindi. Though initially unwilling to stay in the hostel, he said he was now very happy, basking in the love showered by Swami on His students.

Thereafter another student, Lokesh H M spoke that having listened keenly to Swami’s discourses,  he could now understand that worldly pleasures were temporary, and it was God alone who is eternal.

Shivanand of grade seven spoke about a predicament that he had been long facing  – he was unable to pronounce “sa”,  which would come out as “tha”. In his distress he had prayed fervently to Swami, just a week before His visit was due, and lo! he was able to enunciate the alphabet correctly thereafter.

Raj K Narang of grade eight presented a poem that he had composed, describing Swami’s love which was that of thousand mothers.

Finally, there was Basavaraj of grade 10 whom Swami Himself  had called to the stage to present his poem. The boy had been yearning for this opportunity  for long, and compassionate Bhagawan had answered his prayers today!

 Thereafter the boys of 6th and 7th standards  presented  yogasanas with great expertise. They had been trained by Sri Atma.

The programme concluded with a Lavani performance narrating the life of Sai Avatar ,composed by Sri N Kasturi.

In his address to the students, Sri Narasimha Murthy said that what stood out in the programme was the love that the children had for Swami, and their readiness to follow His every command. This had made Swami very emotional, and He was very happy with them.

Swami in His Divine discourse spoke to the  students about the importance of devotion to God, because it  is only He who is there with us throughout our lives. Swami  emphasised   the  importance of good company . He also praised the students for their purity and understanding of divine principles at this young age.

He exhorted students to  follow the path of SAI- Service , Adoration, Illumination. Bhakti is the seed of all good qualities and should eventually lead to Sujnana and Prajnana-illumination. They  should live up to the name of being Sai students, by doing selfless service, and offering all activities to God. Swami declared that He  wanted  to open more schools to mould children towards divinity, and students should also participate in this great mission.

Then Swami graciously inaugurated  ‘Smart Classes’. The students had  put up a small exhibition, and Swami walked around  looking at the items on display-science models, EHV projects,  crafts and  clay models. He also paid a visit to the  science laboratory, and thereafter  went to   the rooms of some of the  students  as well as a few teachers, much to their delight. He also announced that He would be allotting  a residence  for the Sanskrit teacher- Sri Ganapathi Bhat. After visiting to His room, ‘Athma Nivedana’, He distributed ice creams to each and every one of the students, teachers and karyakarthas.

It was a truly memorable day for the students and staff of the school – a day that would remain enshrined in their hearts in the years ahead.