Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 03, 2019

Bhagawan’s visit to Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School was a treat to the students and staff. Being in the presence of the Divine Master and listening to His pearls of wisdom was an enlightening experience. 

The programme began with the rendering of the Shivopasana Mantra from Mahanarayana Upanishad by grade 6 students.

The first address was by Sri G M Ananta Murthy, Chairman. He highlighted the great service being rendered through Swami’s schools which set aside half the seats to children from poor local backgrounds and how every child in these schools is blessed because of the opportunity to excel in Swami’s subjects like Adhyatma, Dhyaana and Spiritual Sadhana.

This was followed by an enchanting dance by Master Kiran Bhoragi of grade 9 who performed the Shivatandava Nrithya.  

Several students shared their experiences of learning in Swami’s schools. The first one is Master Karthik S of grade 6, who expressed his gratitude to Swami for providing him the gift of free education. Having lost his father and with his mother as the sole bread winner, this education, he said, was a true blessing for him and his family. He wished to grow up to become like Swami and help the poor. Master Sankarshana of grade 6 said he knew about Swami through Bal Vikas and was very eager to join this school. He expressed his desire to serve the people and give back to the society. Master Umesh of grade 10, who belongs to a farming family from Gulbarga, joyfully declared that Swami was his everything and that education in Swami’s schools builds and nurtures Bhakti. Master Dhanush of grade 6 brought immense joy to the Lord through his devotional rendering of Bhajans. Another young boy, now a student at the school, was once a patient at Sri Sathya Sai Hospital at Palwal and had to undergo a critical lifesaving heart surgery. He expressed that it was only with Swami’s grace that he was alive today and thanked Him for the opportunity to study in His school as well.  All the students sang several devotional group songs celebrating their love for the Lord.

Swami’s much awaited address to the students started with the declaration that music was a blessing of Goddess Saraswati devi. And just like any other blessing, one has to do Tapas (penance) to attain it. Regular practice is a must to earn the grace of Goddess Sharada devi. Swami instructed the students to get up early in the morning and do Swara Sadhana. He explained that Bhagawan is Gaana Priya (lover of music) and that it is very easy to become close to God with good music. He also said that it is just as easy to go far away from God through badly rendered music. Chanting of ‘Aum’ is sacred as that is the sound of God. He told the students to not be lazy as it only leads to rust and dust. Realisation is rest and best. Alasyam or Laziness is the biggest enemy while one’s biggest friend is Hard Work. Swami said that to work is Purushatvam (the quality of a human being) and whatever be the field, hard work will always lead to success. Swami narrated the instance of a Tabla player he met in US who was learning for Tabla since 20 years. When asked for the reason behind his great musical talent, he said that in the first 10 years of his learning, his Guru never allowed him to touch the Tabla. He had to only watch, observe and learn. Swami concluded that the secret behind any achievement is Shraddha (Sincerity), Bhakti (Devotion) and Shrama (Effort or Hard Work).

Enquiring about the Madiyala Narayan Bhat Scholarship students from rural background, He expressed His happiness that 30 out of 59 students in the school were from this background. He highlighted that these students have Buddhi, Bhakti and Shraddha but needed only Margadarshana or direction.

Swami then asked the children as to how many of them would become teachers, to which all of them eagerly raised their hands. Swami said that He needed good teachers. Good teachers with good students would result in good nations. And good nations would lead to a good world.

He graciously announced that all children being treated in the Sathya Sai Hospitals, on attaining the age of 10/12 years, could join Sathya Sai schools without any exam or interview. Swami narrated the experience of an auto rickshaw driver whose child needed heart surgery. Any private facility was charging nearly 1-3 lakhs. But his child was treated completely free of cost at Swami’s hospital.

Swami highlighted the need for good teachers and good people to work in his institutions. He told the students to choose any profession of their interest but to only have one motive of helping others. He declared that 5 girls’ campuses in Doddaballapur, Kolar, Coorg, Haveri and Madurai would open in the next year and the 25 girls graduating as the first women’s batch from Centre for Human Excellence (CHE) would be going there as interns. As the next batch of students get ready from CHE and go to campuses as interns, the first batch would return for their post-graduation courses.

Swami said that he would be visiting different campuses from the following week and asked the boys what message they would like Him to give to their brothers. The students gave several messages filled with love. Swami told the boys that whenever students from other campuses come to stay in their campus, they had to adjust. The first rule of God was to Give first and Take next. Taking their word to live by Swami’s message, He said that He would convey the message to all the other students that the high school students here would take good care of them. The programme ended on this positive note of love, brotherhood and service.