Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Premaniketanam – Bijapur – August 28 and 29, 2018

Amidst cheerful shouts of Jaikaar, Bhangra dance, Vedam procession and showers of flowers by His loving children of the Campus, Swami entered the Sri Sathya Sai Premaniketanam Campus around 12:30 p.m on 28 August 2018, a day much awaited by His children as they had been getting ready in their body, mind and spirit to receive the unseen ‘Lord of The Universe’ in their Campus. As soon as Swami got down from the car, He acknowledged the efforts of students and staff of planting trees by saying that the Campus now looked clean and green.

Lunch was arranged for all the students and guests with Swami, and He lovingly distributed ice-creams to all His children. He was very happy to see some recently passed out students from Gulbarga Campus and some students pursuing medicine from Bijapur, who visit the Campus every weekend.

In the evening, a programme was arranged by all the students, with commenced with Vedic invocation. Swami was very happy and remarked that there was much improvement in their intonation and chanting. Brother Gangadhar Matapathi who is serving as the Warden of the Campus welcomed Swami and all the guests. Sri Govinda Reddy, the Chairman of the Bijapur Campus stressed upon the fact that it was indeed a great good fortune to receive Swami and bask in His love. A few songs were presented by the students thereafter, and Swami was very pleased with the rendition. It was the fruit of the hard work of the Undergraduate students from the Gulbarga Campus, who visit the Bijapur Campus every weekend to train the students in music.

A few students then shared their experiences. One of the student speakers by name Kenchray Poojari, who is a beneficiary of the Sri Madiyala Narayan Bhat scholarship, spoke about the poverty in his family. He said that he never knew the concept of breakfast until he joined Swami’s school. He had the first breakfast of his life here at the Campus. He offered his gratitude to Swami and said that he would study hard and continue his graduation as well, and serve many more children who come from the unprivileged part of society in Swami’s Institutions and pass on the gift of education, which he is receiving by Swami’s mercy, to other such children. Swami was very happy and commanded that all the needs of the child must be taken care.

After the speeches, there was a cultural programme by students. The first was Roller Skating and Skipping, which the boys had learnt on their own to please their Master.
The second event was Pyramid formations which again was done by students, with the help of staff. The third was a Miming act, which showed the story of a young poor boy and how all his dreams came true due to Swami’s projects of Breakfast Seva and Education. Swami was extremely happy with all the programmes and remarked that with a little improvement these could be performed in Muddenahalli at the grand Premamrutham auditorium!

After this Swami commanded Sri Venkatesh Kamath, who is currently serving as the Warden of the Gulbarga Campus to speak. Kamath Anna spoke at length about Swami’s Institutions and told how Swami’s own students are required to take care of Swami’s Mission.

This was followed by Swami’s Divine Message. Swami said that whatever one does, good or bad comes back to him or her in multiple folds. He stressed upon the need of doing good in society. He said that if you stay at the campus and do even a little for Swami, it will be multiplied and will be credited to your account. When there is a need this can be debited to protect oneself in difficult times.

With Mangala Arati, the evening programme concluded.

The next morning, Swami gave an interview to all the staff of the Campus. He blessed the students and started back to Gulbarga Campus around 10:30 a.m. This short trip was enough to recharge the entire Bijapur Campus with a lot of energy. Everyone was satisfied and happy as their dearest Swami spent precious moments with all of them!