Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Kendra – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 01, 2019

Bhagawan visited Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Kendra, Muddenahalli Campus on August 01, 2019. He was welcomed with Purna Kumbham and Veda chanting.

Upon arrival in the Hall, Swami performed the Poornahuti of the Navagrama Homam that was going on, and blessed everybody present there by sprinkling the holy water.

As Swami sat on the throne, the Bhajan Group boys offered their obeisance to their Master with the Bhajan ‘Manasa Bhaja Re Guru Charanam.’

Sri Balaraj, In-charge, Principal welcomed Swami on behalf of everyone with a passionate and heartfelt speech and compared Swami’s love for His children precious than gold.

As the students presented the programme schedule to Swami, a Bhajan in Telugu was offered to Swami. Then there was Vedic invocation by the students.

The first speaker of the morning was a student named Satya, from Portugal, who spoke in English about how he got the chance to study in Swami’s Institute and how he adopted to the new life of living in India. He thanked Swami, his teachers, and also his fellow students for making it happen for him.

Another soulful Bhajan followed the talk.

The next speaker was Brother Ramesh from Grade 9. He spoke about his experience and how every act of Swami has a specific meaning. He also narrated how Swami once saved his father from a nearly fatal accident. He prayed to Swami to let him serve in His mission.

Like flowers interspersing a garland of beads, another song was presented.

The next speaker was Brother Siddhartha from Grade 10. He related why God descends on earth and how Swami has done so much for all the students. He mentioned that Swami has directed him to become a paediatrician and serve in His mission.

Afterwards, students presented the Rama Katha, which was so soulful that Swami kept tapping His fingers while enjoying the rendition by the boys.

Sri B N Narasimha Murty was the next speaker. He praised the students and teachers for a wonderful programme with the heartfelt talks and Bhajans. He related the incident of Kunti and how she asked to be blessed with difficulties so that she could remember God at all time. He exhorted the students to face the difficulties with equanimity and let not their love for God diminish.

Next, Swami blessed everybody with His message. The first thing He asked whether they have eaten or not – a concern only a mother can feel towards its children. He then went on to talk about food being important and is verily a form of God.

He advised them to pray to God to get ‘Ekabhavam’, the understanding of one Atma being the resident of everybody and everything, so that there is no attachment and sorrow. He told the students how to become God,by removing what is not God. Remove ego and selfishness and what remains is Ananda, He mentioned. Swami then differentiated between ‘Sukha’ and ‘Ananda.’ While ‘Sukha’ is merely a momentary pleasure that comes through interaction of material world with the senses, but ‘Ananda’, the bliss, is a mental state, which is achieved by continuously thinking about God.

He then detailed how Indian school of thought rest on two principles: God is, and He is verywhere.

He asked the students to share and care with each other so that they could learn the value of living in harmony with others. He gave the example of Gadag campus where upon His suggestion, the parents of the children decided to cook special meals for all the children instead of bringing something for their own ward only on their visit to the hostel.

And thus, the programme ended to much delight and blessedness of everybody.