Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit to Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – October 31, 2018

Bhagawan Baba along with His entourage, landed in Visakhapatnam at around 10:30 a.m. Thus, the port city joined the ever-growing number of cities to be blessed by a Divine visit.

Bhagawan was escorted by a small convoy, from the airport to a nearby hotel, which was to be His residence for the next two days. By the time He reached the hotel it was 11:15 a.m and Bhagawan was greeted by a large number of alumni and eagerly-waiting devotees and guests, whom He had personally invited. After a brief interaction in His suite and a sumptuous lunch, well-prepared by devotees, Bhagawan then retired for the afternoon.

In the evening, a Satsang had been organised at an area by name Sujathanagar. Upon reaching the venue, Bhagawan glided into the small, beautifully decorated hall to bless the overflowing crowd of devotees who had gathered for the joyous occasion. After listening to a few Bhajans, He proceeded to inaugurate the kitchen at the rear of the building.

This was followed by a welcome address by Sri Madhusudhan Sivakoti, an alumus of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions. He remarked that it was a landmark day for everyone in Visakhapatnam and commended the work done by the devotees of the Sujathanagar Centre, many of whom often come to Muddenahalli to offer Seva.

Smt Jyothi, a devotee primarily responsible for setting up the Samithi spoke next. In a joyful and emotional speech, she thanked Bhagawan for coming to the Samithi and blessing all the devotees. She expressed her joy that though the Samithi was completed last year and had taken ten years to build, the Lord himself had now come to visit them and bless them. Bhagawan showered His love on Smt. Jyothi and blessed her with a token of His love.

The next speaker of the evening was Sri B N Narasimha Murthy. He was visibly moved by Mrs Jyothi’s speech and spoke about how God can be reached only through devotion. 

In His Divine Discourse, Bhagawan said that He did not know what to say as He was with His own people. Thus, the evening session became more of an informal interaction and Bhagawan introduced Dr Suryaprabha to the gathering and asked everyone to help her in building the Ashram. He remarked that since the names Jyothi and Suryaprabha hold the same meaning, they should work together like two engines of a train. Bhagawan continued, saying that He would build five components of the Ashram at Visakhapatnam.

These five would be:
Ramalayam – A temple for worship of Lord Rama
Vidyalayam – A school for children
Vaidyalayam – A day care hospital for the surrounding region
Deenajana Alayam – An orphanage

Bhagawan expanded, saying that it would be inappropriate to call it so, since nobody is an orphan and everyone belongs to God. The opposite of Anaatha (orphan) is Sanaatha (eternal) because Bhagawan is in everyone. Therefore, it is a Sanaathanaalayam, Vriddhaalayam – An old-age home.

Bhagawan then invited everyone to attend the Bhoomi Puja the next day, promising the devotees that every year on November 1 and 2, He would visit Visakhapatnam to bless everyone. He spoke of the days in 1972, when devotees had come and prayed for an Ashram to be built in Visakhapatnam and how He had said that He would come only when unity was established amongst devotees.

After concluding a most divine evening Satsang, Bhagawan proceeded to the home of Smt Jyothi for His dinner, before returning to the hotel to rest for the night.