Divine Visit – Ubud, Indonesia – August 08, 2016

Day Four – Siddhartani Ashram

After a wonderful breakfast which was served with much devotion and reverence to their Master, Bhagawan spoke to the Seva volunteers in an intimate session, which was infused with pure and whole hearted love for Bhagawan. There was not a dry eye in the room when the Lord announced that very soon a Medical Centre would commence very close to Sai Pooja Ashram – ‘Sai Pooja Hospital’. Doctors from the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Raipur will travel to Bali to perform pediatric cardiac surgeries! The outpour of love and gratitude in the form of tears was over powering and every single person who sat there was totally and completely engulfed. This can happen only and ONLY in the presence of God. Swami answered many questions and after a tearful farewell and Arati, the Lord proceeded to Ubud to Siddhartani Ashram, venue for the two-day Asia Pacific Sai Youth Meet 2016.

The blessed land of Bali has not one, but two haloed Ashrams, a great blessing for every devotee who seeks spiritual rejuvenation and enlightenment. Siddhartani Ashram is a beautiful retreat which has been the result of the dedication and vision of Mr Desmond and his devout wife Mrs Roslyna. Swami visited the Ashram during His visit in March 2016 and lovingly performed the official inauguration. The beautiful Ashram started as a modest residence for the couple when they would travel often to Bali from Singapore on work. Over a period of time, the place has grown into a healing and spiritual retreat.

While Bhagawan started from Denpasar to Ubud, a little over an hour’s drive, the students and delegates of the Youth Meet were taken to the famed Besakih temple, an hour’s drive from Siddhartani Ashram. Swami had arranged for all the participants of the Youth Meet to visit the ancient temple which is the first Hindu temple built in Bali more than 1200 years ago, in the 8th century. As tradition would demand, everyone quickly wrapped themselves in sarongs before entering the sprawling temple complex. Professional guides were arranged to explain to group the history and significance of the temple, how a sage from India – Sage Markandeya, with the help of the local king built the temple in the 8th century. The temple houses the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara, and is situated on the slopes of Mount Agung. It is the most important, the largest and holiest temple of Hindu Religion in
Bali. The group explored the temple complex absorbing the magnificent sights of huge carved columns of volcanic and sand stone. The imposing structures in the bosom of lush green nature left an indelible impression on everyone, as they retuned back to the Ashram in time for a sumptuous spread of lunch.

The Lord arrived before noon in the midst of a traditional Balinese welcome at Siddhartani Ashram. After speaking to a few devotees, lunch was served to the Lord and thereafter He retired for the afternoon.

The evening witnessed the grand inauguration of the Asia Pacific Sai Youth Meet 2016, with the theme ‘All are One.’ Bhagawan arrived at the newly built hall ‘Prasanthi Hall’ which He had inaugurated during His last visit, which can seat around 500 people. It was just a basic structure, and in a record time of four months, it has transformed beautifully to host the event. Over 150 youth had gathered from all parts of the region – Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji.

Brother Hamish Ravindran welcomed the gathering and spoke of how Swami, during His visit to Bali in March had said – “There will be a big youth meet in August here, go prepare!” And how since then, Swami had guided the core team from deep within, during their weekly satsangs on every aspect of the event! Swami has always said, “You will know it is Me guiding you, if all your answers emanating from within, for a particular question are the same!”

The first speaker was Sister Roslyna who spoke of the journey from a modest house to a temple of Lord. She spoke of how Swami’s simple teachings of ‘love all serve all’; ‘help ever hurt never’ were the basis and foundations of the Ashram.

This was followed by two youth who spoke of their journeys of transformation. The first to speak was Sister Shamini Balakrishnan from Singapore. Though born in a Sai devotee family, she spoke of her own personal journey of transformation and connecting with Bhagawan. How Swami has guided her to internalise Him and experience Him anytime and anywhere, was the crux of her speech.

The next speaker Brother Jullius Tan from Malaysia shared glimpses of his spiritual journey. At an early age he was interested in anything connected to spiritually and had later even aspired to be a monk. Swami had then dissuaded him from taking to Monk-hood, but continued to guide him to higher realms of spirituality and experiences of past lives through regression. He said love for God is the most important, and this is how he experienced Swami’s omnipresence in everything. Brother Jullius said Swami has taught him all this while being in the world and not renouncing it.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke next on the theme of the role of youth in Bhagawan’s current phase of His mission. He began by saluting the effort and dedication of Sister Roslyna and Brother Desmond for what they had created in the Siddhartani Ashram. Referring to Bhagawan’s global mission, he narrated how Lord Buddha has been quoted in the Buddhist scriptures mentioning about the arrival of an enlightened One, who would teach Dharma to the world. He reminded everyone that today, Bhagawan is doing exactly that! He asked the youth to pay attention to Swami’s teachings and follow them diligently. “Our path to salvation is to do what He has told us to do.”

Bhagawan’s Discourse during the Inaugural session of the Youth Meet was based on the theme of the event itself – All Are One. He began by explaining that Concept of God is same, as explained in all scriptures. “God is the seed from which the tree of the universe has emerged, as only a lemon tree will emanate from the lemon seed. Anything that originates from God, each one of us, is divine.” Explaining this through examples, Swami said that sweets may be of different shape, size and colour, but sweetness is the same. Ornaments are different, but gold is the same. That’s why, He said, the theme of the youth meet is ‘All are One’. Further guiding the youth on how one could realise this oneness, Swami said, we can break the puzzle into smaller parts. “As long as one sees the body, things will look different. As we go deeper from Annamayya kosha and Pranayama kosha, one sees there is no difference as the life principle prana is the same. One can already see the unity here. ‘I am I’ is final answer as we go deeper. The one who knows God, becomes God. Man spends so much time educating himself in information that is of little use, as he goes towards death.”

Swami said man should learn the knowledge that will give us liberation. Everyone (youth assembled) is a flower that looks different but when they come together they become a bouquet offered to the Lord. Each had a role in the mission of Swami. “Key to one’s happiness is with you, not with others. Practice what Swami has said. By looking at the food on the plate, it will not satiate your hunger. You have to eat and only then will your hunger be satisfied.” Bhagawan reminded the youth that they are lions not cats,as they have emanated from the Lion (Swami)! “Believe in My words and half the work is done. We are not humans trying to be divine, we are divine who are trying to stay human!”

Bhagawan, in His infinite mercy then patiently laid out the path to realise the God within ourselves through Salokyam (to come see God and have Satsang); Samipyam (feel the closeness of God); Saroopyam (when qualities of God start manifesting in oneself) and Sayujyam (becoming God). Swami said “My mission is not about conferences or inaugurating buildings and halls. I want to be as many as you are, so that you can go and spread love wherever you go.” Promising them another session the next day during which not only He would answer their questions, but also lay down a nine-fold path of Sadhana for all the youth, Swami brought His inaugural discourse to a close, leaving all the youth wanting for more!

After a brief break, a beautiful Balinese folk dance presentation was offered at the Lotus Feet – Barong and the Monkey Dance, with many key take-aways for the youth. Thereafter, a musical extravaganza was presented by musicians who had specially flown down to Bali on the command of the Lord. Well acclaimed percussionist Sivamani, Sri Mandolin U Rajesh, India’s very popular jazz performer Sri Harmeet Manseta, popular playback singer Sri Kunal Ganjawalla, mellifluous ghazal and Bhajans singer from Fiji, Sri Sumeet Tappoo and Greek composer and multi-instrumentalist from New York, Mr Dimitris Lambrianos who played on the flute, soprano sax, alto sax, baglama, keytar, base, Linnstrument and Piano. Former students of Bhagawan Sri Nishad Mishra, who is a professional singer from Mumbai and Sri Sreenivas Viswanadha, music teacher for all the educational campuses of Bhagawan joined the performance. The performers as always put in their very best for their Lord and everyone gathered were soaked in an hour of divine bliss and ecstasy!

After Mangala Arati and Prasadam, Bhagawan retired for the evening.

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