Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Vientiane – February 03 and 04, 2018

After breakfast on February 03, Swami’s entourage proceeded to the Changi Airport to board their flight to Vientiane in Laos, Southeast Asian country traversed by the Mekong River. With a rich history stretching back 10,000 years, Laos is a landlocked country known for mountainous terrain, French colonial architecture, hill tribe settlements and Buddhist monasteries. Upon reaching Vientiane, the entourage were lovingly received by the Kolay brothers, Debojit and Avijit, the Jeswani brothers, Rajesh and Kamal, along with other devotees. This group of devotees in Laos, with simplicity as their first name, are engaged in a lot of selfless Seva and Swami’s entourage were waiting for the next day and a half to unfold itself in the most beautiful way. Upon reaching the residence of one of the devotees late afternoon, snacks were served to all. Apart from many devotees from Laos, many had gathered from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Everyone rested in the evening, and after dinner all retired for the night.

The next morning February 04, after a wonderful breakfast of traditional Laotian and Indian dishes, all gathered to bask in Swami’s love. The prayer hall was newly constructed for Swami’s arrival, and looked absolutely majestic. Swami blessed a few families with interviews before He came to the prayer Hall for Satsang.

As always, Mr Isaac Tigrett was the first speaker, who started by saying, “No one can tell you what to believe, and no one can tell you what not to believe. We are all on individual journeys, and no two journeys are alike. But we are all headed for the same destination!” He spoke of the three unprecedented divine Sai Avatars and how they are all ushering in the new golden age.

Sri C Sreenivas spoke next and reminded everyone about some moments in life which are beyond description, which are beautiful experiences, and results of prayers and blessings. He said at the end of it all, there are two things which define life, “our love and God’s presence”. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his short speech said that purity, innocence and love can be seen in those who have immense love for God, and added that people in Laos exhibit this well.

Swami in His divine discourse started by saying, “In the whole of creation in this world, God is shining forth. And this relationship which exists between God and His creation is inseparable. Just as the object exists, the reflection also exists. You are the reflection, I am the object. You exist because I exist. The devotion is the relation between God and devotees which is inseparable. God cannot be there without devotees, and vice versa. God manifests for the sake of devotees. Though God is the owner and supreme, God has a name ‘Bhakthaparadeena’ – who is in the control of devotees. Wherever there is pure devotion, God manifests. He does not need any formal invitation, and comes running to the devotees.” Speaking to the Laotian devotees He said, “I could not stay away from your devotion, which was pulling Me! That’s why I am here! Though God is all powerful, He is helpless and cannot stop Himself and comes rushing. Everything that you acquire, posses and gain has to be left behind when you leave this earth. Whether you are a king or pauper, you will ultimately become dust! It is only a matter of time, when you will loose everything that you gain. Keeping that truth in mind, one must lead a selfless life, with love and service to fellow beings. Only the good that you will do to others will remain permanent, all else will vanish. Only those who live a life of sacrifice will remain in the history of immortality!”

Mangala Arati was offered and lunch Prasadam was served to all the devotees.

In the evening, all the devotees yet again gathered to soak themselves in every bit of divine love, as Swami would leave the next day back to Singapore. Mr Isaac Tigrett spoke about how he came to Swami. He spoke at length about how Swami taught him the formless nature of everything and everyone when He did not speak or look at Mr Tigrett for 17 long years!

Acknowledging the presence of the Indian Ambassador, H E Ravi Shankar Aisola along with his wife at the Satsang, Sri C Sreenivas started by saying that from Swami’s life then and now, many people would come to Him, and among them were Indian and foreign diplomats. He narrated an incident from the life of a diplomat, and drove home the point that there is only one – there is no Swami and His devotee. “God and man are not two but one, this should be the final realisation of man!”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his talk reiterated and reminded all that divine masters and Avatars do not belong to one country, as they belong to the whole of mankind. They transcend the boundaries of space and belong to the whole universe. He spoke about how Swami in all His compassion decided to visit Laos and blessed the devotees.

Bhagawan in His divine discourse said that the whole world is governed by the law of love, which is changeless and timeless. From the sun that burns itself out to give light, to the rivers that flow selflessly to serve others. From the trees that bear flowers and fruits, to the cow that gives milk, wherever you see, you see this aspect of selflessness. It will remain as long as the law of love is abided by. It is the same love that has brought God to the universe. When this love starts to recede in the hearts, God descends to teach how to love, give and serve others as He does. God descends to teach humans how to love!”

A devotee disillusioned by the negativity came to Swami and said “When God is here, there is so much violence and restlessness. What has the Avatar done?” Swami had replied “Imagine if I hadn’t come, what would have happened? At least you are not part of the restlessness, and know how to lead your life, to that extent the world is saved!” Swami went on to say, “Definitely the world needs more people like God to save the world. God is doing His duty by teaching, humans need to do their duty too. To clap, you need two hands. It is now upon yourselves to take this message of love to all parts of your country. Just by shouting from the mike, it won’t help. It is only by bending your back and serving with love. Teach values, love and service to children, and this will ensure a better world tomorrow!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and after dinner Swami retired for the night.