Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Wimbledon and Portsmouth, UK – April 13, 2017

After Mangala Arati at the Mehta residence, Swami proceeded to the residence of Sri Rajasingam and his devout wife Smt Vasanthy. Swami was welcomed in a traditional way, and Sri Rajasingam did foot-washing tradition on that day –  Maundy Thursday, marking the Last Supper of Lord Jesus Christ – undertaken by the Church. Swami distributed chocolate coins which is also a Royal Maundy Thursday tradition, where the Queen gives silver ‘Maundy Money’ to those who have served the country. Even this year, on the same day the Queen gives Maundy money to 182 recipients, chosen in recognition of the service they have provided to the community and church. Then breakfast was served, while Swami spent some wonderful moments with the family. After Arati and blessing everyone, Swami and His entourage departed for Portsmouth to the residence of Sister Nila Murday.

Swami was received with the traditional Poorna Kumbham, and over 75 devotees had gathered at the residence. It was cozy and intimate, and one could feel the love for Swami everywhere in every little aspect. Bhajans were in progress, and thereafter a few soulful songs specially prepared for the Lord, were offered at His divine Lotus Feet. Swami then commanded Sister Nila to address everyone and she was reduced to tears. She expressed her love and gratitude to Swami, and thanked Him profusely for His unseen hand in the preparations.

Swami commanded Mr Isaac Tigrett to speak, and He stressed on Swami’s message that ‘All are one’. He said, “Swami wrote me a letter not long ago and He said the world is suffering from selfishness. All of us, not just one or two, every one of us are so self involved. It is the Kali Yuga, it is a difficult time. So really, the only advice that I have found for myself is to just take time to be kind. If you can do that everyday, it grows and one kindness leads to another, and it leads to your transformation. It doesn’t take many to change the world. It really doesn’t, because we are all connected!”

Sri C Sreenivas echoed the sentiments of Mr Tigrett and said, “We are not insignificant beings, we have a purpose, we have a mission and if anything, this visit will redirect us in our lives, show us the true purpose which we wish to have and having found it, it gives us greater enthusiasm and zeal to take us to what we want in our lives.” He encouraged everyone to enjoy and savour the moment, and allow it perpetuate itself, to be a continuum. Sri Sreenivas said, “That is the secret of devotion, continuing itself where that moment stretches itself, till in this body it becomes the last breath that we take.”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his short speech expressed his joy and delight at this visit, and said that he was “truly blessed to be in this home which is no more a home, which has become a temple and it will remain a temple.” He narrated an episode from Swami’s recent visit to Mysore and concluded that Sister Nila spoke the language of ‘we’ on behalf of everyone gathered, “that is what makes every flower here speak the language of love!”

Swami in His loving discourse said, “The very purpose of incarnation is to give love, it is to help mankind experience the Divine love and thereby aspire to develop such Divine love within and rise to the levels of Divinity. The very descent of God is for the ascent of man. He comes down so that we can look at Him, experience Him, get inspired by His love and aspire to become like Him. That is the whole purpose of incarnation.”

“Selflessly if you serve others, if you love others, if you pray for others, definitely God will be pleased. And that very home will become heaven where each lives for the sake of the other. That is the message that you must get or receive from this visit of Swami where He is trying to teach that do not pray God for anything else, do not even pray God only for your sake. Pray to God so that everyone is happy, everyone benefits from it! Since the last three years Nila has been praying to Swami to visit her home to bless her. But Swami did not grant her wish. This time she prayed for the elderly devotees in the surrounding area who cannot travel till London to meet Swami, since she prayed for others, immediately Swami granted her this boon of blessings her home.”

When one of the devotees asked Swami as to what he could do for Him, Swami replied, “Don’t do anything for Me. I am fine. You do for each other. Share your burdens, share your sorrows, share your joys and happiness as well. When you share your happiness, it multiplies. When you share your sorrows, it diminishes. Be like a family. Not like group of people coming and going, but be like a family.”

Thereafter, Swami distributed Easter chocolates to everyone and lunch was served. Swami blessed Sister Nila and her family with a precious interview, and after Mangala Arati proceeded to the Malhotra residence in Chigwell to retire for the night.