Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

First Year Anniversary Celebrations – Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthiniketanam, Hyderabad – June 01, 2019

On June 01, 2019 at around 12:30 p.m., Bhagawan accompanied by His guests, arrived at the Sri Sathya Sai Prashantiniketanam, Pre-University Girls’ campus in Hyderabad. The Lord was welcomed in a festive procession consisting of students reciting Vedas, followed by a Nadaswaram band and girls performing the Bathukamma dance, Chakka Bhajan and Kolatam. Bhagawan proceeded to complete the Poornahuti of the Chandi Homam which was performed meticulously with a lot of devotion and fervour by all the students and devotees. Thereafter, He continued to the prayer hall for the celebrations commemorating the first anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthiniketanam Campus. After lighting the ceremonial lamp, Bhagawan graciously cut the anniversary cake beautifully marking the occasion.

Thereafter, the second year students presented a dance as a loving welcome to their beloved Lord. After the dance presentation, the Principal of the College, Mrs Vijayalakshmi who is a distinguished alumna of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur campus, gave her welcome address. She previously worked in a leading national bank as a Vice President and upon seeing the rapid expansion of Bhagawan’s mission, quit her job to come and serve in His continuing mission. Indeed, it was a great source of joy to Bhagawan, seeing His students returning and dedicating their lives in service of society.

The next address was by Mrs Saida, a parent of one of the students who came from a rural background and was struggling to make ends meet. She expressed her deep and heartfelt gratitude to Swami for taking her daughter and herself into His fold, which had been a longstanding prayer for the past 11 years.

Thereafter, there was a talk given by two second year students from the first batch. They shared some of their experiences with Bhagawan and offered their deepest gratitude to their dearest Lord. Dr K V Ramanachary Garu delivered a very heart-warming message next. Having played a vital role in the actualisation of this college, Dr Ramanachary expressed an overwhelming feeling upon hearing the talks given by the students and parents and said that such change was possible in a year’s time only because of Bhagawan. He congratulated the staff and students for the great results in the very first year. He also reminded the students to follow Bhagawan’s message of giving more importance to self-development rather than just focus on marks.

The next speaker, Sri T Harish Rao then addressed the gathering. He said that earlier he had only heard about Bhagawan’s miracles but today he has witnessed it in the form of this College and the transformation he has seen in these rural girls. He too had been part of the inaugural function and was amazed at the things that can be achieved with a dedicated team and Bhagawan’s blessings. He gave his assurance that he would work with the Government to provide all the support required to further this college in the coming years. Expressing his sadness at having witnessed many families undergoing much suffering due to cancer, he prayed to Bhagawan to set up a cancer speciality hospital in Siddipet, as there were no facilities for these poor families. Assuring that he would personally ensure that the land and all the required support in facilitating the hospital would be provided, Sri Harish Rao concluded his speech.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy then took to the podium to address the gathering. Noting that all the guests and students spoke from their heart, Sri Narasimha Murthy expressed his feeling that Ramanachary Garu spoke like a philosopher rather than bureaucrat and Sri Harish Rao like a statesman as opposed to a politician. Quoting Arnold Toynbee who said that the only way to salvation for the problems being faced by the world today is to take up the “Indian” way of living, which is: love for god and compassion for fellow beings, Sri Narasimha Murthy concluded his talk, exhorting the students to develop such love and compassion. 

Thereafter, Bhagawan granted His Divine Discourse. Bhagawan expressed His great contentment with everyone’s contribution towards running the college in such an exemplary fashion, imparting both physical and spiritual knowledge. Bhagawan went on to announce that he would definitely construct a multispecialty hospital in response to the prayer of Sri Harish Rao. The hospital would have five specialties: cardiology, neurology, urology, paediatrics and oncology, along with several other departments in the future, which would later unfold as per His Master Plan. Just as Lord Shiva responded to the prayer of Bhagiratha in bringing the Ganges to Earth, so too did our beloved Sai Shiva shower His compassion in responding to the selfless and earnest prayer of Sri Harish Rao. Bhagawan also assured the staff and students that the current Pre-University college would develop into a University in the upcoming years so that students would not have to go out searching for higher education.

The celebrations came to a close with the National Anthem, after which Mangala Arati was offered to Bhagawan and Prasadam was distributed to all.

Bhagawan then proceeded to partake of lunch with His students and guests and lovingly distributed ice creams to all of them. Before departing the Campus, Bhagawan identified a spot for construction of a well to provide adequate water supply for the college. Thereafter, He took off in the helicopter to Gulbarga at around 4 p.m. Thus ending another beautiful, Divine visit to Sri Sathya Sai Prashantiniketanam, Hyderabad.