Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Christmas Celebrations, December 26, 2016- Evening Session

From Russia and Spain With Love: Christmas Celebrations Continue

‘It is still the season, and so the festivities will continue till the last song is sung and every bit of the cake is eaten. The festival of music and joy continued for the third day as part of the Christmas celebrations 2016 here at Muddenahalli.

Bhagawan arrived at the venue at 6:45 P.M. and was welcomed into the Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham auditorium with the ceremonial Poorna Kumbam and Vedic procession by the students. Melodious Bhajans were also being rendered as He blessed and spoke to devotees.

Once Bhagawan was seated, the evenings programme began with a choir presentation by devotees from Spain. Hailing from different parts of Spain, they sang a couple of Christmas carols and Bhajans in Spanish. The singers were accompanied by various artists on the guitars and percussion instruments. Although the songs were rendered in Spanish, one could feel their overwhelming devotion for Swami from the palpable energy that filled the hall.

Next to perform was the choir group from Russia and other Russian speaking countries of Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Belarus. Together they offered a garland of Russian songs on Christmas, oneness of humanity and the beauty of God’s love. The choir was led by Ms Mira Levchenko and Mr Alexander Gurtov. The duo also supported the vocalists on acoustic guitars. The devotees from Russia, as always, brought joy to Swami with their dedication and overflowing love for Him.

Language did not seem a barrier for both the presentations, despite being in various languages captivated every heart in the audience. Unsullied love and devotion to the Lord was an unmistakable feature of their performances.

The final presentation was a medley of solo performances by various devotees from many countries, ethnicities and backgrounds. The evergreen number – ‘I keep feeling Your Love in Me’ was the first song offered by its original composer Mr Cass Smith from the United States of America. A devotee of Bhagawan for many decades, Mr Cass is a therapist and helps people with emotional healing. On Swami’s command, he rendered a second song on Christ’s prophecies on Sathya Sai Baba, ‘Christ Said’.

Next was Ms Valesca Ries, who hails from the Dominican Republic but currently works in New York, USA. Commanded by Bhagawan to sing for Christmas, Miss Valesca took music lessons for six months for her debut performance.

Ms Anandra George, also from the USA, who took to singing from a very early age, was the next performer. She offered a song on the holy night when love has manifested on earth, be it Jesus or Sathya Sai or Prema Sai. She spoke of their law of love and gospel of peace.

The next performance was by a special guest – Miss Deidre an early childhood educator, from the indigenous community of Australia called the Bundjalung who is on her maiden visit to India. She offered to Bhagawan an aboriginal song on dreams, love and peace on earth.

This was followed by a performance by Ms Yani Milles, a singer, performer, choir director and event organizer from Australia made the next presentation. She performed a Jewish song titled Chai (Pronounced Khai), an effervescent song on life and being alive.

The last performer for the day was Mr Dimitris Lambrianos, a multi-instrumentalist who began training in music from the age of five. As a composer and musician who can play over twenty instruments, he performed a traditional Greek on the bouzouki as commanded by Bhagawan.

The Lord then blessed all the performers and accompanying artists with tokens of His love and grace. Arati was offered to Baba and Prasadam was distributed to everybody before Bhagawan left for His abode.