Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service



The healthcare mission of Swami is not only spreading it’s wings across India but across the seven seas onto the global scale.

Whilst Swami was in Bali spreading His love to the youth of the Asia Pacific region, His doctors from the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Raipur were in Fiji embarking upon on a historical and unprecedented medical mission for the tiny island nation in the South Pacific.

During the Divine visit to Fiji last year, Swami said to the the Tappoo family that “many Children in Fiji need cardiac care and we must help them”. Springing into immediate action, Brother C Sreenivas announced that the team from Sanjeevani hospital will visit the island paradise to conduct free pediatric cardiac surgeries!

Swami, out of His infinite mercy, blessed the children of Fiji by committing to surgeries worth over FJD$1.3 million.

At the conclusion of the Divine Visit, a meeting with the Honourable Asstnt Minister for Health revealed that there were numerous pediatric cardiac cases which were untreated due to the local unavailability of services. However, the saddest statistic was that the families of the patients were unable to afford heart surgeries for their children resulting in fatalities.

Thereafter, as per Divine Command, the Sai Prema Foundation (Fiji) was established with three Trustees at the helm – Mr. Mahendra Tappoo, Mrs Maya Tappoo & Mr Vikesh Chauhan. The foundation then proceeded forward by coordinating the entire visit in association with the Government of Fiji and the CWM Hospital, Fiji’s premier hospital in the capital city Suva.

With all arrangements made by the Sai Prema Foundation, the team of Doctors arrived from Raipur into Fiji and began the two day screening process.

Of the 69 patients screened, 25 surgeries were performed on children between the age of 0 and 12.

As Swami graced the shores of Bali, His doctors began the surgeries in Fiji from 8th August. Day after day, for ten days the doctors not only performed operations but also shared the skills with the doctors in Fiji. On the day two of the surgeries, Bro. Sumeet Tappoo, who accompanied Swami to Bali on His command, informed Swami that the Doctors were going to perform 4 surgeries on the day. Swami said “no, they will do 5 surgeries”. Upon calling Bro. Sumeet the same evening, Swami enquired about the surgeries. Bro Sumeet informed Swami that 5 surgeries were conducted. Swami said “see! I told you this morning that my doctors will do 5 surgeries today!”.

The Lord, who is in complete control, has showered His blessings on the children of Fiji and this “Gift of Life” surgeries to the poor children is truly a gift of a new life from God.

Dr. Krupali Tappoo, the Medical Coordinator of the Sai Prema Foundation of Fiji, sent a note to Swami from Fiji describing the bliss and happiness the “Gift of Life” surgeries has brought to the parents of the unfortunate children, who otherwise would never have been able to afford such treatments.

Swami conveyed His blessings and happiness to the team of Doctors as well as to His devotees for making themselves available to serve and make such an incredible difference to the lives of so many.

Swami proudly stated that His devotees in Fiji had made Him happy for they had put into practice the four stage progression of Swami’s mission starting from the individual to family, from family to society and from society to the Nation.

Soon after completion of their Seva, this evening was a momentus occasion where the Acting Prime Minister of Fiji Honourable Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum officially launched the Sai Prema Foundation (Fiji), felicitated the team of Doctors from the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital Raipur and officially launched the Health on Wheels Mobile Hospital vehicle.

While the gratitude expressed by the parents who’s heartthrobs have been restored to a healthy and a happy life cannot be expressed in words, the team of Fijian doctors assisting the Raipur team showered their love and appreciation for the selfless and highly skilled team from Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, to quote the message from the from Dr. Jesese – Pediatric Surgeon in Fiji, ” I would like to thank the hardworking cardiac surgery team lead by these great gentlemen Dr. ASHISH and Dr. RANGA.
You have sacrificed your free time and volunteered your service for the children of Fiji. Working for 10 straight days on your feet for 12-15 hours per day without anyone to relieve. Other teams come here and charge patients  but you all volunteer your services with a genuine heart and also take time to teach and transfer skills to the locals as capacity building. Thank the Sai group for bringing since humble and genuine people.
It’s our prayer from Fiji that God will continue to bless you to continue blessing other people”.

The acting Prime Minister who was overwhelmed by this act of selfless service promised his full support to ALL activities by Sai Prema Foundation.

Truly, the mission of Sathya Sai is expanding to a global scale and impacting the lives of innumerable people, we are so fortunate to be a part of this glorious mission beyond all boundaries of caste, creed, religion, gender and geographies. His love that flows faster now more than ever before has wiped out tears of sorrow from the suffering hearts and sanctified the lives of those who were served and those who served!

A few pictures that speak much louder than all the words, are attached for you to imagine the magnitude and grandeur of this service by Swami to his children of Fiji.