Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Jayapura Visit – Day One – December 1, 2015

After an early breakfast, everyone were eagerly waiting to receive a final word of advice and guidance from Swami, before He proceeded from Alike to Jayapura, in Chikmagalur district. Swami however chose to call all the boys of the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence to His residence, Swami Nivas, for a private interview. These are the boys whom he is grooming to be the future leaders and administrators of the institutions. He called them all at 7:30am in the morning along with the trustees and spoke to them as to how if one makes God happy, he can make all happy. But trying to make all happy, without making God happy is impossible. He quoted the story of Draupadi who prayed to Lord Krishna, when sage Durvasa along with his 40 disciples landed up at her hut uninvited in the forest, for a meal, when she had nothing to offer. As she prayed, Lord Krishna appeared and rather played a divine prank by asking for some food, saying He was extremely hungry. She tearfully offered the empty Akshaya Patra, which had nothing in it, sans a leftover cooked leaf, which the Lord savoured and said He was satiated. Soon after, the sage and his entourage who had gone to the lake for ablutions, felt as if their stomachs were full too, and even let out loud burps that scared the birds away from the trees! Lord Krishna, who was aware of everything, sent Bhima to fetch the sage and his disciplines. But Sage Durvasa fled along with his retinue, out of fear that they may not be able to do justice to Draupadi’s hospitality, as their stomachs were full, and may end up being cursed by a pious lady.

Moral of the story was, make God happy and all will be happy with you! Swami assured the students that all they need is to make Swami happy, and Swami in turn will make their parents, kith and kin happy!

Swami also assured the elders regarding the future of the institutions, as He is training these young men who would eventually take the baton from the seniors, and continue to run the race to its winning end!

Swami, after blessing the students came down and blessed the devotees and staff who were waiting for Him. After arathi, He left Alike and headed towards Jayapura.

After a three-hour-drive, the entourage arrived at the Jayapura campus, which houses two separate campuses, namely Sri Sathya Sai Sri Nikethanam for girls and Sri Sathya Sai Divya Nikethanam for boys. After blessing all who had gathered, Swami had His lunch and rested briefly.

The program in the afternoon was at the girls campus, a mile away from the boys campus, where everyone were staying. Swami left for the girls campus around 4:15pm, followed by guests and devotees from Russia and Croatia who had followed Him all the way from Muddenahalli. Swami was received by the ceremonial Poorna Kumbha. A few girls dressed up in traditional dance attire, danced to a welcome song, and made their way to the venue. All were gathered in the lobby of the new building, which is under construction and will be completed within a year. A makeshift stage was made for Swami and the accompanying dignitaries to be seated.

Swami was beaming with joy, as He experienced the pure love and devotion of the thirsting teachers and students of the campus. Sister Lakshmi, Principal of the campus welcomed the gathering, and mentioned about the guidance some of the staff had received from Swami during His previous visit in November 2014. The revelations made by Swami, known only to them, confirmed their faith in His omniscience, and they considered themselves truly blessed. As per Swami’s command last year, the girls had learnt some Veda chants and suktams, which they chanted next, to the satisfaction of Swami. Brief talks by two students, a few songs and a dance performance followed next. What was most obvious to all was the joyful smiles on the faces of the little dancers, while they performed merrily, which did not go unnoticed by Swami also!

A few offerings of greeting cards, drawings and poems were made to Swami, which He graciously accepted encouraging the budding talents. Swami even asked a teacher to recite one of her compositions on the love of mother. Even without her mentioning it to Swami, He asked her about it, yet again giving them a glimpse of His omniscience and omnipresence! The teacher was moved to tears at this kind gesture of Love.

He also blessed an alumna to sing a song for Him. The girl students who could not get the permission of their parents to study at the new PU college at Chikkaballapur, prayed to Swami to open a PU college in Jayapura itself.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering next. He mentioned about the sacred quality of motherhood that women embody. Recollecting an interesting episode that happened in Brindavan during a Trayee session, wherein Swami had a debate conducted between the staff and students of both girls and boys campuses of the university on the topic , “Who is greater – man or woman?”, he revealed that Swami’s final verdict was that women are greater than men, as they embody the sacrifice and sacred love of motherhood!

Sri Narasimha Murthy urged the girl students to use this precious opportunity of studying in Swami’s schools well, by gaining spiritual knowledge along with the secular, and become beacons of inspiration for all in the society. He informed them about the initiative of Swami to start a degree college in Chikkaballapur, Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence for women within two years, in which like the men, even girl students would get an opportunity to get degrees in science and arts and become future teachers, administrators and educationists in Swami’s institutions. He firmly opined that this alone can pave way for furthering of girls education all over Karnataka. He urged them to take to this noble path, which the students agreed with much enthusiasm!

Swami blessed them all with His nectarine discourse mentioning about women as the very embodiment of power, ‘Shakthi Roopini’. However, He lamented that the power which is latent is not being used well, and therefore women are being subjected to ill-treatment in the society. He said that above all the physical and mental powers is the spiritual power that is natural to women. In our educational institutions if students learn this great education of devotion, that’s enough to safeguard them always. Substantiating this statement with three poignant examples from mythology. Swami made it abundantly clear to the girls that they must harvest the spiritual power within themselves, through devotion to God. Sita was abducted by the demon Ravana, but could not be harmed by him due to her devotion to Lord Rama. She fell into the evil hands of Ravana, only when she desired for the golden deer representing the worldliness, while forgetting her lord. Draupadi, the wife of the five mighty Pandavas could not be protected by her powerful husbands or the elders in the court of Kauravas, when her honour was at stake. But, it was only her devotion to Krishna that saved her from being disrobed by the wicked men of the Kuru dynasty. Finally, He quoted the example of Sati Anusuya, who’s chastity was out to test not by mere mortals or demons but by the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. They had disguised as begging sages and asked for the favour of being breastfed by her. She being devoted to God and her husband, in order to avert any calamity for having not given the alms as desired, converted the trinity in to three little infants and fed them her milk. Thus, she was also blessed to be the mother of the trinity in the form of Dattatreya.

Thus, Swami demonstrated that a woman cannot be harmed by demons, men or even Gods if she is virtuous and had the devotion for God.

Swami mentioned that sometimes women ask Him the question, as to why no avatar comes as a woman? To which His reply was, men need guidance so the avatar comes as a man to set them right, but every woman is the embodiment of the mother goddess. The need is to realise this latent power of spiritual strength and use it well.

Swami very sweetly told them that He has already performed the Bhoomi Puja for the residential girls PU college in Alike, which is just a three-hour-drive from Jayapura. So, they need to convince their parents that if they can’t be sent as far as Chikkaballapur for further studies, they can atleast be sent to Alike which is closer. He also told them that He is ready to build more campuses, but the girls need to become teachers and should be ready to serve in these institutions.

He expressed His happiness over the devotional and cultural programs offered by the students and the melodious Vedic hymns chanted by them, which definitely scores better over the cacophonous chants by the boys!

After blessing all, taking arathi and giving prasadam, Swami started back for the boys campus around 7pm. He promised the Russian devotees an interview next morning. Swami then had His food and retired for the day!