Kodai Summer Retreat – May 12, 2017

Yet again, it was that time of the year when the Lord takes a few chosen students, staff and guests to Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, a tradition which started many decades ago, and continues till date. In the wee hours of the morning, Muddenahalli was a bee hive of activity, as everyone boarded with their bags and proceeded to the Bangalore Airport to catch their flight to Madurai. After lunch in Madurai, the entourage departed to Kodai.

As everyone reached Ananda Ashram in the evening amidst showers, a sense of peace and tranquility prevailed. Everyone was served some refreshments, before Swami came down to address everyone. He enquired if they were tired due the day long journey. Devotees replied they didn’t feel the tiredness or the strain of travel. The Lord was pleased with the reply and said, “A monkey like Hanuman transcended his physical limitations in the presence of Rama. And so did Lakshmana, Sabari and even the Gopikas. It means, though you may be tired, in the presence of God you don’t feel that way, because the mind, body and senses transcend in the presence of God. When the mind is on the body, it will feel the emotions of the body. But when this mind is on God, where is the question of the body feeling? This is how Yogis have been able to meditate for hundreds of years, because their mind was absorbed in God.”

Swami then asked if everyone was hungry, and one devotee said she was hungry for God. Swami said, “Yes, spiritual hunger is the best hunger! If you are not spiritually hungry, you will not enjoy God! You will not enjoy the tastiest of the foods, if you are not hungry. If you are hungry, even ordinary food will taste exceptional. Whether you enjoy God or not, does not depend on God, it depends on you! God is the same. And how do you remain hungry for God always? By not spoiling your appetite by eating the world. If you go on eating all the junk in the world, where is the hunger for God? You have to protect your spiritual hunger, and should not waste it by trying to satisfy it by eating the junk of the world. Those who need Me, will deserve Me! I am always there for them!”

Thereafter, Swami partook His dinner with the devotees, and everyone retired for the night.