Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Kodai Summer Retreat May 12, 2018


A bright, sunny morning yet again ensured that soon after breakfast, Swami would walk to the Prayer Hall, instead of arriving by car. And so it was, Swami walked from the Bungalow down to the Prayer Hall. Actually, one has reached a point of understanding that there is only one, and no two – Swami and Brother Madhusudan. So when Brother Madhusudan walks, one assumes it is the way Swami is walking. This whole phenomenon of the subtle form is surely intriguing and mystifying to many, but as the days roll by one thing is certain and clear, this is something for the heart, and can never be fathomed by the mind. The heart knows, and it sure does…as for how long can someone feign being able to see the Divine or communicate whatever He says! No way! And of course all the work that is going on around the world is sheer proof that NONE of them are even remotely and humanly thinkable!

Though the morning was sunny, a cool breeze did descend upon the Hill, and as Swami walked into the Prayer Hall, the soul stirring Bhajans seemed to caress the inner core of the being. The first speaker of the morning was Ankit Kumar. He joined the Institution few years ago and now on Swami’s command is pursing his Chartered Accountancy. He recalled some very emotional moments with Swami and offered his gratitude to the Lord for having picked him to serve at a Campus, which will be established in his home town in Bihar in the future.

The second speaker for the morning was Dr Deekshith Shashidharan, a resident doctor at Waynad Institute of Medical Sciences in Kerala, who has been an ardent devotee of Bhagawan since childhood. He narrated instances from his life, and thanked Swami profusely for being his guiding light with a pledge that he would do anything for Swami and His Mission.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy reminisced Swami’s visit to Kodaikanal many decades ago. He narrated how Swami would pose for photographs, and other instances which were great opportunities for the students who travelled with Him. Speaking of the boys who preceded his talk, he said the future of Swami’s mission was safe in the hands of youngsters like them.

Swami started His divine discourse by saying that He brings back His people again and again.  

“Like a drama director who prepares a script for a new drama, he chooses actors to play new roles. Dramas may be different, roles may be different, but the actors are those whom he likes. When you stage a drama on Ramayana or Bhagawatam, the same person is likely to play the role of both Rama and Krishna.

In Kali Yuga, the same Lord has incarnated as Sathya Sai, and apart from the hero, there will be many co-actors. God brings down with Him the same actors to play different roles in different dramas. Those whom I consider Mine, and those who consider Me as theirs, keep coming back! All of us have been together for many lifetimes.” Speaking of the two young speakers, Swami said, “Even at a very tender age these two boys have so much of devotion. When the time is ripe, a seed sprouts and becomes a tree. The seed of devotion was not planted today, they were sown long back! On this stage of the world, all are actors, playing various roles. And all are doing things as per the command of the Director. He knows what is going to happen. Out of so many people, you are near Swami and listening to Him! All these actors should be examples, and by your example other people will derive inspiration. Have the lofty feeling that in this drama of Swami, you should play ideal roles!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and then Swami walked back to the Bungalow. After granting a few interviews, Swami came down to distribute cameras to His students who were coming to Kodaikanal for the very first time. He then proceeded to the dining hall to partake His lunch with the guests, before resting for the afternoon.

May 12 – Evening 

After granting a few interviews, Swami came down to the Bhajan Hall, where everyone were seated, eagerly waiting with bated breath to witness the unfolding of another intimate evening with their sweet Lord Sathya Sai. Yet again, Swami commanded students from the Bhajan group to render a few classical compositions. It was a blissful hour of listening to the students sing, and even more blissful to watch Swami interact with them.

After the music recital, Swami looked to the right of His chair where there was seated a boy, all of 15 and asked Him to speak. Anand Sai, who hails from a devoted family from Bidar in Karnataka narrated his story with Sai, which won everyone’s heart. When Anand Sai expressed his gratitude for bringing everyone to Kodai, he recollected what Swami had said last year, ‘You are here not because of My will, but because of My mercy’, and this touched every beating heart. Laced with inadvertent humour, his talk sent ripples of laughter across the hall.

Thereafter, Swami called upon Bhupal Chidambhar, an alumnus from Alike and Muddenahalli Campus, and soon to be a student again, as with Swami’s blessings he would be joining the Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence to undertake research. He spoke about his teachers and revered Sri Madiyal Narayan Bhat, who have been great inspirations to him. He submitted that these teachers have been more than his parents and was filled with gratitude to Swami for blessing him with such noble teachers.

Swami then called another alumnus, Victory Craxi to address the gathering. Victory who is currently an Ayurveda Doctor in Milan, was born in Swami’s Whitefield Hospital, and had studied for 12 years at Prasanthi Nilayam. An emotional Victory traced his journey from his birth with Swami, and broke down several times during his speech. It was endearing to watch Swami comforting Victory and wiping his tears away.

Swami then briefly spoke about how the goal and purpose of life should be to reach God, though the paths may be different. Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami proceeded to dine with the guests, before retiring for the night.