Kodai Summer Retreat – May 13, 2017 (Morning)

First day of the Summer Retreat with the Lord, and there was much cheer and excitement. Even the wet morning did not dampen the spirits of the students, both girls and boys, as they waited in anticipation along with the guests for the beautiful day to unfold. After breakfast, Swami came down around 9:30 a.m. to give away shawls to all the elders gathered, after which He proceeded to the inspect the new Bhajan Hall which was constructed in 51 days from scratch! The power of His Sankalpa, coupled with the untiring efforts of man, and the result is magical. Indeed, the Hall looked beautiful, and was decorated well, though some finishing touches and the final coat of painting had to be completed.

Satisfied with the venue, Bhagawan commanded that all should gather by 11 a.m. for the Satsang at the new Hall. Quickly the entire set-up moved to the Hall, and the Lord arrived in all His grandeur to officially inaugurate the Bhajan Hall, which is an outcome of His supreme love and compassion. Last year, many devotees had arrived in Kodaikanal for Swami’s Darshan, but due to the lack of space, were unable to bask in His love. This deeply touched the Lord’s heart and He had announced that within a year, a new Bhajan Hall will be constructed for Public Darshan, which would take place every morning.

Swami addressed all gathered and said, “Man aspires for bliss. But, people try to attain this bliss in many ways, and ultimately they are drowned in sorrow, misery and depression. Divine bliss is not available in this world, nor can you ask anyone. It it not something you can go to a market and purchase with money. This divine bliss is available only with God and no one else. That is why God is referred to as the embodiment of divine bliss.

This divine bliss was enjoyed by Gopikas and Gopalas, and the same kind of divine bliss was enjoyed by the monkeys, when Rama made His advent. The same divine bliss, devotees of Sai enjoy. Whether God is seen or not, divine bliss can be experienced in the hearts. Purity of heart is important to attain divine bliss. Because of the fever of worldly pleasures, the mind has got polluted. Due to fever, one can not enjoy the real taste of the sweet, like wise because of the fever of worldly desires the mind gets polluted and is incapable of enjoying the taste of divinity. So self realisation is for people with a pure heart. Purify your hearts and minds.

What is purity? Giving up selfishness and sharing what one has selflessly with others, is purity. Wherever there is purity, there is unity of thought, word and deed. With these two, divinity will manifest.” Swami also reminded everyone to not only listen or understand whatever He says, but also put them into practise.

He also praised the students for their excellent results in the examinations, and urged all to take note of the fact that these students are from rural backgrounds, and were not exposed to such education in the past. Thereafter, Bhagawan blessed the architect, contractor, and others who were involved in the construction of the Bhajan Hall. Mangala Arati was offered, and Bhagawan proceeded back to the bungalow to partake His lunch with the guests, and soon after, retired for the afternoon.