Kodai Summer Retreat – May 14, 2017 (Evening)

As everyone assembled in Swami’s bungalow for the evening Satsang, some of the devotees were busy setting up a huge cake specially ordered for Mother Sai. Swami came down after granting some interviews, and walked around blessing everyone and giving sarees to all the ladies. It is so amazing to see the Lord when it comes to sarees, then and now, as like an excited child He goes around handing them with love to all.

Mr Dimitris Lambrianos, the extraordinary musician who can play over 30 instruments offered a instrumental rendition on the piano at the divine Lotus Feet. It almost seemed like a mini world music festival, as after a couple of Bhajans, Swami commanded him to play a song from countries like France, Italy, Greece, America and even an Arabic song. And Mr Dimitris played with ease and an enchanting finesse, as his fingers glided elegantly and effortlessly across the 88 keys of the piano. It was a sight to watch the interaction between the Lord and His dear devotee. Swami also commanded Mr Dimitris to speak about how he came to Swami in the subtle, when he started seeing and speaking to Swami in New York in the year 2012, just like Brother Madhusudan. It was a blissful 40 minutes, as everyone gathered were transported to a different plane. Swami said, “He is not a musician, but a magician!”

Swami thereafter commanded two girl students to speak. Preethi B and Nandini have both joined the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, which is commencing this June, Swami’s gift to the girl students who want to dedicate their lives to the divine mission. It was heart tugging to heart these girls pour their heart out, where they spoke about how they joined the Institution. Most of the students are from rural backgrounds, and it is simply amazing to see them excel in academics and all extra curricular activities, simply to please their Lord. The story of Preethi brought tears to the eyes of the listeners, when they learnt as to how the daughter of the hostel cook is now all set to study medicine by Swami’s grace. And Nandini’s tale of her photocopy-shopkeeper father’s faith in God that protected them all through, reaffirmed that faith can move mountains!

Swami thereafter called upon young Dr Nisha Kesavan, daughter of Dr Roshni Pillay and Dr Kesavan to address the gathering. Though the young lady was pleasantly surprised at being asked to speak, she also spoke straight from her heart about her journey of transformation, which touched every other heart in the room.

Swami then told the students, “Without worrying about anything else in your lives, simply take a step towards God. Always remember, the one who serves God, and dedicates his or her life to God, becomes His responsibility. If you take this path of selflessness, in order to be of some service to several other children who need this hand of help, I will look after you in every single aspect, to the extent that I will ensure that even your past does not come in the way of your future! With this feeling of great courage and confidence, and with great faith put that first step forward. The only way you will show gratitude to Me, is by passing on the talent received from Swami to another person in need!”

Mangala Arati was offered to Swami, and dinner Prasadam was served. What a glorious day it was, basking in the love of the Divine Mother!