Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 14, 2018


Though it rained a bit the previous night, Swami ensured that He controlled the forces of nature once again in the morning, so His dear students and devotees would stay dry and comfortable, especially the committed Seva Dals, or volunteers, who tirelessly manage the traffic outside Sri Sathya Sai Anand Ashram. Eternally equipped with a raincoat and umbrella, one can see the traffic management volunteers constantly on their walkie talkies, coordinating the movement of cars up and down the hill. Bless their souls, as forgetting rain, fog and the cold, they only want to ensure Swami’s guests are at ease. For ten days, they are busy doing their work, without even a glimpse of their beloved Bhagawan, but naturally pining to see Him. But of course, He is with them all the time, and on the last day before His departure, He rewards them amply and blesses them profusely!

So since it was a dry morning, soon after a few Bhajans at the Prayer Hall, Swami called for Mangala Arati, as He wanted all the guests and students to go sight seeing, and boating in the Kodai Lake. While everyone left as per His command, the merciful Lord clicked photographs with the first batch of staff, volunteers and guests who were leaving the next day. Choked with emotions, each person went up to Swami, while He lovingly gave them an envelope to go shopping, or ‘Marketing’ in His lingo. And as He did, some held back their tears of separation, while for others the flood gates opened up, and there was no stopping! The Divine romance continues…

After the photo session, Swami blessed a few families with interviews, and then had His lunch in His room.


An international musical evening was about to unravel itself. God is called Gana Priya and Gana Lola, a lover of music, for He is the very source of the Swaras, the very basis of the notes and scales. Blessed are the musicians who can create magic through their music, and even blessed are those who can perform for God, and God alone. One such musician who has made Muddenahalli his home is Dimitris Lambrianos, to perform only for God! Swami had commanded Him to perform, but before he started, Swami called upon Ms Saima Rajasingam from the United Kingdom and lovingly released her book of poems, which she had written on Swami’s command. Swami asked her to talk about the book, and also asked her to read out a poem ‘Beauty’. After showering His love on her, Swami commanded that the books be distributed at the end of the evening Satsang.

Thereafter, the much awaited piano performance by Dimitris commenced, and the first two were soul stirring Bhajans. As his fingers played along magically, two alumni Sreenivas Vishwanadha, who is currently the Indian music teacher for the Campuses, and Bharath Kumar melodiously sang, taking every person to another realm. Then, on the command of Swami, Dimitris played some evergreen tunes. From French, Italian, American, Turkish to Greek, Arabian, and Latin American, and even Russian, British and Western Classical music, the next 30 minutes was a brilliant rendition by the magician musician! Swami blessed him profusely and announced that he would be a Professor of Western Music at the Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence in Gulbarga. The Lord then asked Dimitris to do Research in the University, comparing eastern and Western Music and their healing properties. He advised him to study the various Ragas and Swaras of Indian music and how they match with western music, and together how this unique music can be used to improve people. He said that music should be spiritual in nature and also commanded Dimitris to teach spiritual music to students, which would raise the conscience of people and make them feel connected to God.

Swami then spoke at length to everyone gathered about this upcoming University which will be inaugurated in June 2018, and explained about the purpose of establishing this unique University, which would be to make every person more human and more divine. He narrated how the Bill for the University was passed in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, and lauded the efforts of Sri T B Jayachandra, Minister for Parlimentary Affairs and Law, who had taken it upon himself to ensure the bill was passed.

Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami walked around distributing the poem book to everyone. After blessing the dining hall and guests with His presence at dinner yet again, Swami retired for the night.