Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 15, 2018


Swami’s fifth visit to Kodai in the subtle form! And five years have gone by since the world came to know through His first discourse from the Hill Top Bungalow, that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is continuing His mission of alleviating human suffering, through His subtle form. What mercy! Even after leaving His physical, purely out of love for His creation, He continues to guide and guard!

After breakfast, which includes western dishes as well everyday, thanks to a huge team of western devotees who chop, cook and clean for every single meal, Swami walked down to the Prayer Hall, as has been the ritual ever since the start of the 2018 Kodai Summer Retreat! Swami entered the Prayer Hall amidst Bhajans, and along with Him was Sri C Sreenivas, who had arrived that morning to be with the Lord. The first programme of the morning was a dance performance ‘Gumbanna Kara Yudire’, by a youth from Pune, Ms Saishwari Patil, whose only dream was to perform for her beloved Swami, since she was a little girl. A third generation Sai devotee, her family is actively involved in Seva. The Padam that Saishwari presented, exemplified the mischievous childhood of Krishna. When little Krishna breaks a mudpot of a Gopi, she complains to his mother who is now very angry with him and wants to teach him a lesson. Krishna shudders at the thought of his mother calling Gumbanna, a terrible ghost to scare him. He pleads with her to not do so, and Yashoda looks at her beloved little son and comforts him with her warm embrace, knowing all too well that this was not the end of her dear son’s mischiefs! Swami blessed Saishwari profusely with a token of His love, and thereafter called upon Dhruv Satish, a Grade 10 student from Bangalore, who is all set to study pediatric cardiology on Swami’s command after High School. He had only prayer, “Make me Your best instrument Swami, Make me like Hanuman, so I can serve You for ever!” Swami was very touched by his prayer and immediately gave him a token of His love.

Sri C Sreenivas was the next speaker who shared a thought – that there is something about a place, person and purpose. “One cannot but help becoming nostalgic about this very place, where we are all seated today. This place is a spiritual and scientific evidence of the continuum of the Swami in the physical, and Swami in the subtle.” He reminisced about this property of the Hill Top Bungalow, and how it came in a strange way to Swami, several decades ago. Sri C Sreenivas emotionally spoke about his connect to the place, and how he had visited many times before, during and after the purchase. Swami choose to keep this place, and then sold it to utilise the money to build houses for the victims of the Orissa flood. Sri Sreenivas narrated how the property came back to the divine hands! Everything is a part of His big drama, His divine masterplan!

Sri Sreenivas spoke about how he had seen a picture of Ida Scudder, and how he felt a connect with Swami, while he described about the Institution established by her, CMC Vellore – Christian Medical College, which caters to over 10,000 patients every single day! He was overwhelmed when he narrated what Swami had told him about building some cottages at a particular spot near the Bungalow during His last visit in 2009 to Kodai in His physical form, and how exactly Swami that very morning, had stood in the exact spot and had repeated the very same words! The Swami then, and the Swami now!

Swami then called upon Sri B N Narasimha Murthy and asked him also to share some details of the Kodai Hill Top Bungalow. “Be it a dance or nursing a child’s heart or transforming a human heart, Swami has a way of doing things.” Sri Narasimha Murthy spoke about how Swami had chosen the Hill Top Bungalow to announce His continuing mission, and reminisced the very first time He had come down for Arati in May 2014. He spoke about people are getting transformed every single minute, and declared that the Hill Top Bungalow at Kodaikanal is the ‘nucleus for human transformation’.

Swami in His divine message said, “Whatever we do at any given point of time, is based on Desha, Kala and Paristhiti (time, space and circumstances). Let Me give you an example; when you want to sow some seed, you have to choose the right place and time, with the right circumstances, only then it will sprout. Whatever you do, it is necessary you should look at these three aspects.

One thing you can learn is, Swami is an expert in doing the things in the right place, time and circumstances! When I wanted to proclaim to the world that I haven’t gone anywhere, I picked Kodaikanal in May 2014. Whom did I tell? I told only those who are close to Me in My heart, the devotees who were blessed to visit Kodaikanal in 2014!”

Swami then went on to speak about the Singapore devotees who did not have an iota of doubt, and came with complete faith. In fact Swami in the subtle had not spoken to them until then, but they believed what Sri C Sreenivas and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy had said, and they came. Swami roared, “To achieve something like what we are doing now, we need instruments like Sreenivas and Narasimha Murthy, and devotees like the Singapore team. They had joined hands long ago, and helped the hospitals, and also the Institute campus at Muddenahalli.” Swami spoke about their selfless dedication and His master plan, which would always succeed! “Whatever I do or tell is never a waste! Swami will never speak unnecessarily. He always goes to the depth, analyses and then speaks. My Sankalpa is there, but you should become instruments. In a battle, good commanders and soldiers are required. Here, God has come as your commander, so become soldiers and obey His command, and you can achieve anything! When you are prepared to obey Swami’s command, everything will be fine! Kodaikanal has a great role and a special place in Swami’s mission!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and Bhagawan proceeded to take some group photographs yet again with some of the staff, before heading to the dining hall to partake His lunch with the guests.

May 15 – Evening

As Swami came down to the Hall after blessing a few devotees with interviews, the students were ready to render ‘Sai Katha’ or the Story of Sai, a musical offering at His divine Lotus Feet. The songs traced the journey of the Avatar from His birth to the continuing mission, and the students brought a lot of joy to the devotees with their singing. Swami then called upon Sri B S Vijay Sai, and alumnus and a former English Lecturer from the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Brindavan Campus, to address the gathering. In his inimitable style of narrating personal experiences with Swami, he drove home the point that Swami has come down to break the barrier of a God-Devotee relationship, and rather He should be embraced as someone who is closer than the very self! After almost a 40 minute talk laced with humor, he ended by saying that God is helpless is front of human will. “God tells us many things, and if we align our will with His will, then we can expect the dawn of the golden age. At every moment, Swami chooses to act out of love and joy, so we must all do the same and follow suit!”

Swami profusely blessed Sri Vijay Sai and his family, and after Mangala Aarti, Swami showered His unconditional love on some of the staff members again as they were leaving early next morning, before His dinner yet again with His guests in the dining hall.