Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 20, 2018

It was the morning of departure after spending ten sublime days in God’s proximity in the lap of God’s own creation. Days literally began with God and ended with God – having His Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan, talking to Him, laughing with Him, playing with Him, dining with Him and above all learning from Him every minute, every second.

After playing hide and seek amongst the clouds over the past few days, the sun was out- all bright and shining, bringing cheer and excitement to all, for the entourage of guests and students were blessed to once again travel with the Lord, nay literally fly across the sky with Him.

After a light breakfast, everyone gathered for the farewell session. As Swami emerged from His room upstairs, He went around distributing chocolates to all. The journey would begin with a downhill ride through hairpin curves and bends in the ghats section usually causing nausea and travel-sickness. The caring mother that He is, advised to eat the chocolates  incase one felt such a sensation, and the sweet-medicine did come handy to most people!

Bhajans were in progress and Swami took His seat ensuring everyone had received Prasadam from His hands. A special cake had been ordered and placed, as it was the birthday of a little boy- Pranav Sai. Swami then blessed him and asked him to cut the cake – the moment he had been waiting for all morning, and he happily did so!

Swami then beckoned the child’s father Brother Anand Kadali, who selflessly leads the Annapoorna Breakfast Seva and is an inspiration to many, and has given up a lucrative career in a top multinational company – Hewlett Packard, so that he could serve Swami full time through the Annapoorna programme. The family has also recently relocated to Muddenahalli to remain close to Bhagawan. Swami also spoke of the support rendered by his wife , Smt Radhika Kadali who is an engineer herself and had supported and stood by her husband through all odds, so that he could continue the Seva activities. Swami revealed that the family wanted to offer everything to Swami including a flat that they had purchased in Bangalore, and that she had been praying to Swami intensely over the past few months. Blessing her with a token of His love, Swami explained that such courage and surrender is the result of devotion to God because their faith and conviction that Swami will take care of all their needs. “When God is by your side, with you, above you, below you, beside you, one needn’t fear anything ever! Faith in God automatically implies absence of fear, and if there is even a trace of uncertainty especially of the future – a common situation for most people, it only indicates that the faith is not strong enough.”

As the clock indicated the time for departure was drawing close, Mangala Arati was offered to Swami. He urged everybody to have an early lunch and leave in their respective, designated vehicles, promising to join them soon. The convoy along with Swami finally left by noon for a brief stop of refreshments at a resort enroute to Madurai and thereafter to the Madurai airport, everyone flew back to Bangalore. The Lord’s love knows no bounds. Even as the blessed devotees and students who travelled with the Lord in the chartered flight alighted, He stood at the doorway giving chocolates to each and every person despite a long day! Sweetness of these memories will ever remain in the hearts of the devotees for ever.

The ten day retreat at the hill top was infact a top-of-the world experience for all to rejoice, reflect, rejuvenate, reminisce and remain grateful for the outpour of Swami’s love and the bountiful blessings received, and hereon share the same love with everyone else. Kodai with Swami will always be a special memory, as each one yearns and awaits yet another trip until next year!