DSC_0956   Celebration of Feminine and Divine

It was on this day, two decades ago, that Bhagawan Baba declared the 19th of November as International Ladies Day – a day marked to celebrate the feminine and the divine.

Baba has always extolled women as the repositories of Truth and Culture. They are the torch-bearers of a nation, he would say. In a world riddled with growing intolerance, it is the women who can effect a positive change – by nurturing, preserving and developing traditions, seeped in spirituality. A woman rooted in her divinity is an asset to the nation and world at large. She is a mother – the first preceptor, the first teacher and guru and therefore plays a seminal role in shaping the future of the world.

To impress upon everyone the importance of women as keepers of human values and builders of a nation, Baba established a college for women in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh in 1968 – the first of the many educational institutions He set up! The In His book” Dharma Vahini”, Baba wrote that “No nation can be built strong and stable, except on the spiritual culture of its women. This generation is full of unrighteousness and injustice, malevolence and greed, falsehood and cruelty, because the mothers who brought it up were not vigilant enough or intelligent enough, or because they were not trusted enough by men with the responsibility of chastening and fostering their children. What is past, is past. To save at least the next generation, women have to be educated in a well-planned manner and endowed with the wisdom, fortitude and faith that can equip them for greater responsibility that rests upon them.”

The role of women is Baba’s mission of spreading love and peace worldwide therefore cannot be over emphasised. Women have the rare privilege of being co-creators with God. They have been bestowed with seven divine qualities and symbolise Bhakti (devotion) while men stand for Jnana (wisdom), He has said. The one with devotion has the right to enter even the inner chambers of the Divine palace, whereas the one with wisdom has the access only to the audience hall of God. Women – as mothers, sisters and wives – therefore are responsible for men to tread along the path of devotion.

With Baba’s mission gathering momentum now, women have gained that much more prominence in the divine scheme of things. In a discourse that Baba, in His subtle form, gave on September 6th 2015 – on the occasion of the first-ever all campus old students ‘meet – He said that it is His girl students who will play a more active role in the mission from hereon.