Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Maha Shivaratri celebrations in the Divine Presence – Day Two – 08 March, 2016 (Morning)

Maha Shivarathri was celebrated in Muddenahalli with a lot of spiritual fervour. The night was suffused with devotion and energy, with spirited participation from both the young and old.

Significance of the day

‘Chandrama Manaso Jataha’. It means that the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind, and therefore exerts a great influence on it. The moon has sixteen kalas or aspects, similar to the human mind. But on the holy day of Maha Shivaratri, 15 of these aspects are absent, leaving just one behind, which can easily be merged in divinity, by diverting the mind towards God. It is a significant day for spiritual aspirants, as the Universe literally conspires to make union with God easier. It is said that on this day the planetary positions act as potential catalysts to raise one’s spiritual energy effortlessly. Unlike other nights, this night is of consecration, dedication and illumination. Bhagawan therefore has always encouraged a night-long vigil, contemplating on the Lord’s name and form through devotional singing.

Devotional singing throughout the night

The 12- hour Akhanda Bhajan which began at 6 PM on March 7, continued until 6 AM on Tuesday, March 08. Active participation by all who had gathered at Muddenahalli to celebrate this auspicious festival made the night-long vigil very easy. Many groups, cutting across age, gender, religion and geographical barriers gathered at the Lord’s Feet to sing His glory. Students of the Muddenahalli campus, alumni and alumnae of Bhagawan’s various educational institutions, the Mandir Bhajan group, devotees from Vishakapatnam, devotees from the overseas groups, members of the Yuva Vrinda and Seva Vrinda were among the enthusiastic singers during the Akhanada Bhajans. The whole hall was charged with high energy, devotion and enthusiasm, and it continued unabatedly through the night and early morning.

At 5 AM, 21 Omkaras and Suprabhatam was offered to Bhagawan. Bhagawan arrived at the Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham auditorium at 5.30 AM, led by Poornakumbam and Vedam chanting. As the clock neared 6 AM, a medley of about 25 bhajans were rendered nonstop, reaching a crescendo with everybody joining in the chorus with full gusto and zeal! The atmosphere was reverberating with divine vibrations, and every single person gathered were transported to a bliss state.

Bhagawan then blessed Sri BN Narasimha Murthy, Chief Mentor of the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions to address the gathering. He began his talk by quoting a stanza from the Upanishads that described the physical attributes of Lord Shiva when He assumes a human form. He explained that Lord Shiva, as a true hero leads by example, urging mankind to renounce the outward senses and bondages and go inward instead. It is only by turning our vision inward, can we control and conquer the mind, and thereby taste the Divine nectar of immortality, infinity and eternity, he said.

After his speech, Bhagawan delivered His Divine Discourse.

The morning’s proceedings ended with Aarthi to Bhagawan. Prasadam was then distributed to everyone present.