Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

National Level Rovers Rangers Moot, The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka – Inaugural Ceremony – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – November 02, 2018


Adding to the diversity and richness of cultures that Muddenahalli enjoys, it was time for the Annual Scouts & Guides Meet to taste the spiritual flavour of the place. Celebrating the 100th year of Scouting, Bharat Scouts & Guides, Karnataka, organised a National level Rovers and Rangers Moot, where more than 1,500 boys and girls from 27 states of India participated. It was a rare sight in the Sathya Sai Premamrutham Hall as both the men’s and women’s side saw youngsters gathered to celebrate the spirit of service and better way of life, clad in their official uniform, displaying the true essence of ‘unity in diversity.’

The programme got underway as Bhagawan entered the Hall with the Chief Guest of the programme, Honorable Governor of Karnataka, Sri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, who also has also been a relentless supporter of the Movement. As per the protocol of every function, it started with the National Anthem of India, followed by the Moot prayer to the Almighty.

Sri P G R Sindhia, State Chief Commissioner of Bharat Scouts and Guides, delivered his welcome address in Kannada and welcomed everybody with his heartfelt words, extending his thankfulness to Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions who played a monumental role in hosting the event.
This was followed by the lamp-lighting ceremony to mark the beginning of the four day event where the participants would be learning better ways of life, enjoying, and also sharing their values amongst each other.

Sri M A Khalid, National Commissioner for Bharat Scouts & Guides delivered the presidential address. This was followed by Bhagawan Baba’s Divine message to the audience, delivered through Brother Madhusudan. Baba emphasised on the spirit of ‘togetherness’ with which the organisation is working. He said that the very idea of these institutions is Atmano Mokshartham Jagat Hitaya, which means it is for one’s own emancipation and also for the welfare of the world. For, one is not possible without the other. “As the children of this Nation, as the sons and daughters of this soil, this responsibility to ensure that your individual welfare happens along with the welfare of the rest of the Nation and the humanity, should be the supreme most principle that must guide this movement. For the sake of serving others, this body has been given, Paropakarartham Idam Shariram, say the scriptures and we must use this body, this mind, these senses and all the abilities that God has bestowed upon us in the service of others through which ultimately, we realise ourselves.”

Bhagawan bestowed His blessings to all the participants and urged them to take the message of India, the wisdom of oneness given by the Vedas to the whole humanity to all parts of this country and beyond through the great idea of loving and serving all.  

Thereafter, Sri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, honourable Governor of Karnataka delivered his address to the audience, exhorting the youngsters to lead a life of good character, and serve the Nation through whatever way they choose. He also stressed a lot on leading a life of principles free of flattery.

As the morning programme approached its conclusion, Sri M S Satish, District Secretary, Bangalore South, presented the Vote of Thanks and extended his gratitude to Bhagawan Baba, and also to the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions who made the event possible.

The morning programme came to an end with the National Anthem of India played again by the Police Band.



The evening programme was an eye-opener, for the participants of the programme as they were introduced to another group, who practice the same value-set and also exhibit characteristics that are so often exhorted by the their leaders and mentors—Sai’s Angels, the Brass Band from the Muddenahalli campus, who never fail to surprise even a repeat listener of their rendition of world-class music pieces, which they learn from their teacher, the multi-instrumentalist Mr Dimitris Lambrianos.

If Scouts and Guides are a group of people who want to dedicate their lives for the services of others, then Sai’s Angels are no less a service group who offers a rejuvenating experience for the body and mind through their music.

Keeping true to their every performance, they surprised the audience with their precision and dexterity, interspersed by the introductions and short-talks where the band members shared their experience of learning human values while practicing music.

The pieces they played ranged from classics of the 60s to movie themes namely Pink Panther, Take Five, themes from James Bond, Hawaii-Five-O, Mission Impossible and also some groovy pieces to lighten the mood of the evening. The variety and the virtuosity of this band included Latin, American and Greek music pieces, and it is truly awe-inspiring and mesmerising to see such young students perform with such finesse.

Bhagawan had commanded Mr Lambrianos a few months ago to commence Diploma classes in music, and also urged him to start teaching Piano to the stud era. Jeevan Sai and Sai Shankar, two young members of the band, debuted on the piano during the evening programme. It is no secret that every band member is divinely gifted with sharp grasping powers and enthusiasm that could rub off on anybody! After presenting melodies and tunes from around the world, the final piece of the presentation that lasted more than an hour, was the patriotic song of India, Saare Jahan Se Achcha. The audience cheered as loudly as they could as they felt elated and mesmerised at the same time.

Bhagawan, visibly happy with the performance of His children, went to the stage and blessed them with His words of encouragement, Prasadam and also group photographs, while Sri M A Khalid expressed his pleasure and joy saying that he had not listened to such soulful music from anyone though he has attended performance of symphonies from around the world!

Thus, after a soul-stirring musical extravaganza, the evening programme of the Moot came to a close.