Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

National Level Rovers Rangers Moot, The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka – Valedictory Ceremony – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – November 04, 2018

The evening of November 4 marked the arrival of Bhagawan Baba entering the Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham for the Valedictory ceremony of the four-day National Rover and Ranger Moot Meet of the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka that had convened on the grounds of Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli.

The session began once Bhagawan completed His customary interaction with devotees in the Hall. Sri Jitesh Seth, the Programme Coordinator of the Meet and Assistant State Commissioner of Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka called for the commencement of the Moot prayer which was sung soulfully by all members. Following this, Sri Seth recounted the time spent by participants of the Moot Meet, as it would be recalled as one of the most cherished event of their lives.

The next speaker spoke briefly on the accomplishments of some of the dignitaries who were present on and off the stage/dais.

Sri Arup Sarkar, the Moot leader presented the Moot report saying that there were 1500 participants from 27 states across India. Sri Sarkar reported on the activities of the Moot members, which he said were planned to be interactive. Sessions on preparing for the Indian Army, group discussions on Indian culture and spirituality conducted by Brother Vijay Sai, an alumnae of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions were part of some of the activities, he said.

Following this, there was a short video presentation that showcased these activities on the grounds of Sathya Sai Grama.

Two members of the Moot recalled how they felt their fatigue dissipating once they stepped inside the Ashram, that they said is divinely energised. Speaking about the performance of Sai Angels, the brass band, they said that they felt mesmerised by the band’s excellent performance.

Sri Gururaj Karjagi, Member of the Karnataka Knowledge Commission and Chairman of the committee on Teacher Education spoke eloquently about how important it is to serve society that has constantly given much and if one kept receiving without giving back or sharing, humanity would perish. He said, “Giving is not an obligation, but a commitment.” Anyone who lives only for himself shall not be remembered by the world, and anyone who lives for others shall not be forgotten.”

Smt Shukla Bose, the CEO and Founder of Parikrama, a foundation to educate thousands of children from impoverished background said investing in the youth of the country could lead to an explosion of exceptional talent for a bright India. But it calls for an education system that fosters peace rather than competition in students. As a past volunteer who worked with Mother Teresa in Kolkata, she said we can bring many Mother Teresa, many leaders out of the youth, which the world will take notice.

She urged the participants to develop patience, perseverance, and passion and learn in an environment that encourages love and service. In conclusion, Smt Bose encouraged the participants to be the best and lead by building the best nation for every one.

Sri P G R Sindhia, the State Chief Commissioner, and the Moot Chief, in his address said the participants were truly blessed as Bhagawan Baba had taken the effort to come and bless the participants thrice. He assured those working for Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions, that he would encourage the Rovers and Rangers to get involved and appealed to the Moot members to be prepared to volunteer their services in the field of educational, healthcare and social care activities of Bhagawan Baba that is striving to create a better world. He thanked Bhagawan profusely on behalf of Rovers and Rangers and asked for blessings and pledged to volunteer and work under Baba’s leadership.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy took to the podium and spoke about the greatest take away from the four day Moot. He said it was was the inspiration all the youth received in the presence of Bhagawan Baba. He said talks inspire, and actions are more inspiring. He appreciated the efforts of the organisers of the Moot meet had brought illustrious men and women who do what they say in their lives. He talked briefly about the educational institutions that have come under Bhagawan Baba. He said that once people around the world start to think of serving man and pleasing God, there would be peace, prosperity, and security. He then prayed to Bhagawan to grant his divine message.

Thereafter, the Vote of Thanks was delivered and the the Valedictory Ceremony concluded with the National Anthem, played by Sai’s Angels, boys students of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions.