Navaratri Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – September 30, 2017 (Day 10)

Morning Session:

The last day symbolising the victory of good over evil, the Vijaya Dasami was celebrated in all its fervour in the very presence of the Siva Shakthi Swaroopa. Rama slayed Ravana on the day of Vijaya Dasami. Bhagawan during one of His discourses said “Ravana’s 10 heads have got a significance. In fact, it is not only Ravana but all of us have ten heads. Five Karmendriyas: hands, mouth, feet, rectum and genitals; Five Gnanendriyas: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin helping with sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch respectively. The wrong tendencies of the senses need to be conquered and they need to be put to good use. This day marks the victory over our senses. A Dharmic life is possible only when we have control over our senses. Desires needs to be checked and sorted so that it does not create bondage. We must have only one desire and that is to realize our highest selves. All our actions should be focussed on God. Why do we eat? To maintain Body, the temple of God. Why do we study? To make ourselves capable so that we can serve the society in future. Why do we earn? To help our family and to serve society. This way, we are never bound.”

 The Laksha Gayatri Homa was performed along with Vyahruthi. The head priest explained that Gayatri Mantra was composed by Sage Vishwamitra when he wanted to create another heaven for Trishanku (a character in Hindu Itihasa). In the Gayatri Mantra, Bhu relates to fire, Bhuvah relates to Air, Suvah relates to Sun. We meditate on the Holy sun to promote our intellect and gain the strength to perform right actions to serve the society. Out of 84,00,000 species, only human beings can discriminate between good and bad. Good leads to peace and prosperity. Bad leads to suffering. Gayatri Mantra sharpens our faculties of discrimination and thus helps us remain on the Godly path. Bhagawan blessed all the priests after the Maha Purnahuti. 

The Bengali ladies performed a ritual to bid adieu to Devi and to send her back to Kailash. Ladies took beetle leaves and wiped Devi’s tears symbolising consolation for her returning back to Kailash from her mother’s home. They smeared vermilion on Devi.

Bhagawan graced Himself on the spot of the Maha Rudra Homa and offered several sacred items in the holy fire himself. Maha Purnahuti was performed for the Rudra Homa also. Bhagawan also performed Kumba Abhishekam which He Himself sprinkled on all the devotees gathered.

The Chief Priest Nanjunda Dikshit spoke next. He said that participation in this Yajna is purely Divine will. He felt humbled at the invaluable devotion of the devotees and students who are taking part in a lot of service activities. The water that was used for Abhishekham of the Linga is holy and sacred, writ with divine energy and vibrations after continuous Homa. The sacred water came from around 14 rivers, from all over the world including Manasarovar lake. Divinity is the strength and the source of inspiration behind all the good that has happened. Not only the Rithvics, even the cleaners and people who erected the structures for the sacred Homa spot are also blessed. The purpose of the Yajna is to offer prayers to mother nature. He praised Sri B N Narasimha Murthy for his untiring efforts in continuing the educare mission of Bhagawan. He said that the need of the hour was not to construct temples but to build schools. He appreciated the Grama Seva projects and health care projects as well.

Lingashtakam was chanted in the Divine presence. Musical rendition and classical dance performance were also offered.

Evening Session:

Bhagawan once said ‘You call me Shiva Shakthi Swaroopa. What does that mean? It means that I am the cosmic source of all the male and female aspects, the purest of energies from whom, from where everything manifested in this creation. When a devotee asked Swami, “Of all the nine forms of Durga, which is the most powerful?” He said, “It is like electricity which is the source. You can have hot air/ cool air/ light. The source is the same. Do not worship Durga as the outer form, but the source and force behind that form. Everything came out of the womb of Parameshwari. What do you think? ‘Is Parameshwari a lady? Is it a form?’ No. It is the purest of energy from where the 3 female Shaktis (Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi) and their (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma) male aspects emanated.

The evening session commenced with Vedic invocation by 6th and 7th grade children from Jayapura, Mandya, Hassan, Muddennahalli Higher Primary and Muddennahalli CBSE schools. They chanted Rudram.

 Speech by Venkatesh Kamath

He joined the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva institution in early 1980s and served in various capacities since then.  In 2014, Bhagawan appointed him as the warden of Centre for Human Excellence for Boys. Starting June 2017, he is the Chairman and warden of Sri Sathya Sai Sathyaniketanam, Hassan.

He spoke soulfully about the selfless love of Bhagawan, interspersed with songs. We know that rivers merge in the ocean. But in the case of Bhagawan, the ocean itself comes gushing towards the rivers. The motherly love of Sai towards her children cannot be described in words. Each campus is a stream of love of Bhagawan. This ocean of love has in fact not left any place in this world: Singapore/ Malaysia/ Italy, Japan, USA, Canada. Scriptures say “Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava. Here, God has become our mother, father and Guru. What more do we want? Some of the children in Hassan did not have white clothes. They are saying, “Tell swami. He will get it for us”. They have so much faith on Bhagawan. We are one Sai family and all of us are His children. We knew the definition of Bhakthi and the relationship between Lord and his devotee only after being with Bhagawan and we are for ever grateful to Him.

 Cultural Program by Sumeet Tappoo

Earlier during the year 2017, at Greece, on the eve of Rama Navami, Sumeet Tappoo sang in the divine presence. Bhagawan told him that he had performed for Him during Rama avathar as well, 20000 years ago. He is a child prodigy and started singing from the age of 3. He was mentored by the famous Hindustani singer, Anup Jalota. He plays a major role in Bhagawan’s mission in Fiji along with his father, Mahendra Tappoo. Medical centre at Fiji is soon to open on 24 April 2018. The mellifluous songs rendered by Sumeet did not leave a dry eye in the Premamrutham hall.