Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Shivarathri Celebrations February 25, 2017 – Day Three, Evening

Shivarathri Celebrations – Day Three, Evening

Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli

February 25, 2017

All good things must come to an end, it is said. But when one is in the immediate presence of the omnipresent Lord, the good can only get better. The Shivarathri Celebrations at Muddenahalli continued unabated in to its third day, treating the audience to many soulful musical numbers.

Bhagawan Arrives

The evening proceedings began with the welcome of Bhagawan into the Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham hall with the traditional Poornakumbam and Veda chanting. Once Bhagawan was seated, He blessed the release of two DVDs and the Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha Volume 1, translated in to Tamil by Dr Alagarswami. 

Sister Bhuvana Santhanam narrated the behind-the-scenes account of the making of the book, the release of which was possible during Shivaratri 2017 only due to Bhagawan’s Divine grace. She revealed how Dr Alagarswami had started the translation work a few months ago and handed the manuscript to her on completion. Around the same time, an alumna of the Anantapur Campus Ms Suchitra Ravichandran came forward to do the proofreading for the book. When sister Bhuvana went to ask Swami for permission, He graciously permitted by saying, “Let her do it”. But to everyone’s shock, after the proofreading was complete, the manuscript went missing! When Dr Alagarswami was contacted to get another copy, but it was discovered that what he had shared earlier was his only copy. Not too computer savvy, the doctor had hand-written the entire script and given it to a young boy to type it out. So, they tried to contact the boy but in vain. The boy had undergone a major transformation of the heart while doing the work on the book and had renounced the world to go to the Himalaya.

He was totally inaccessible and the team had no other option but to pray, especially since Bhagawan was keen on Shivarathri release of the book. Their prayers were answered soon. By divine intervention, Dr Alagarswami met the boy while he was strolling in the local market. He immediately collected the soft copy of the translation material and got the proof reading done for the second time, in time to meet Swami’s deadline. But the magical story didn’t end here. After few days, the doctor learnt from some friends that the boy who had left for Himalayas had never returned home since! Who was the boy who passed on the pen drive? Well, who else could that be? The Lord had given the test and helped everyone pass His test too.

Both Dr Alagarswami and sister Suchitra Ravichandran presented the book to Bhagawan for release.

This was followed by the release of two DVD’s. The first was the DVD of Sri Sathya Sai Sports and Cultural Meet 2017, and the second was a video titled “Prema Spandana”, capturing the performance by Sai Angels Brass Band, a group of students hand-picked by Bhagawan on the sidelines of the Sports Meet.

Musical evening

It was time for the main highlight of the evening, a concert by Sri Sumeet Tappoo who was accompanied by accomplished musicians on instruments. He offered a bouquet of songs, interspersed with short speeches. He narrated an experience about a song he had composed following the Divine command. In January 2008, Bhagawan had commanded him to compose a song on Shiva and sing it on Shivaratri. Bhagawan had mentioned that the song should have the words – “Sai Shiva Swaroop Hai, Sai Divya Swaroop Hai, Sai Brahma Swaroop Hai, Sai Brahma, Sai Vishnu, Sai Shiv”. And when he showed it to Bhagawan after composition, He said, “I am very happy and I will tell you when to sing but you have to sing only on Shivaratri”. He then proudly shared that Bhagawan has commanded him to sing it on this Shivaratri.

After a scintillating hour of pure bliss in the form of music, Bhagawan materialised a chain for him and felicitated all the other musicians.

The evening ended with the offering of Mangala Arathi and prasadam distribution.