Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service



July 16, 2017 was a special day in the annals of the Annapoorna Breakfast Programme. A special conclave was held with individuals and institutions who have been supporting the Annapoorna programme in various ways.

The objective was to appraise everyone of the current activities at Annapoorna, as well as the future plans for growth. The hundred-people gathering had representation from over thirty organisations. Senior Leaders from Wells Fargo, Cap Gemini, Rural Shores, Flipkart, CSC (now DXC technologies), Dabur, Nimhans, Oracle, ASM Ltd, RV Dental College, Unibic, Nagarjuna College of Engg etc had joined the event.

The programme started with a detailed video show, describing the daily breakfast service for the needy school-going children. After the video, Mr Sathyanarayana (Sr Operations Manager at a global IT company) took the stage to welcome all the guests for the evening, and thanked them for attending the programme. He then called upon Mr Sai Prasad (Director at a Fortune 100 technology major, and volunteer at Annapoorna Programme) to provide a detailed report of all the activities, accomplishments and the impact generated by the Annapoorna activities so far. He thanked the audience for their continued support, and urged them to adopt a mindset of being available to perform any service to the community, leveraging their unique capabilities. Mr Sai Prasad’s detailed report included:

  • A description of how Annapoorna started and expanded, how the scope of daily breakfast gradually expanded from service only on Sundays to other weekdays, to daily breakfast, to initiating other related activities such as health-screening, education, drinking water and sanitation toilet infrastructure.
  • The operating model at Annapoorna, the tools, food menu patterns, processes, systems and the use of technology that has been enabling Annapoorna activities to scale exponentially, that shows in terms of the rate at which new schools are being added for breakfast service.
  • The current coverage statistics in terms of no. of schools, children, no. of states in which we are currently operating, as well as the future plans of expansion.
    The impact felt by the beneficiaries, the children. Improved health profile, attendance, academic performance, good will generated among communities and gratitude to the society.
  • The forums where Annapoorna team was present to raise awareness about the activities.
  • About the inspiration to start this Seva – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who has been teaching and practising the ideal of Love All and Serve all.
  • A list of sponsors and description of their contribution to the Annapoorna initiative in various ways, providing healthcare, free spectacles, sending volunteers, being IT partners, sending juices and biscuits etc.

A brief testimonial video of a speech made by a teacher who has been overseeing Annapoorna operations in his school, was also screened. Thereafter, Mr Sathyanarayana called upon Mr Sundar Kamath, Senior Vice President at Sanmina Corporation, USA to address the gathering. He spoke on the topic, “The Ideal Village: Innovation & Collaboration”, where he introduced the audience to the concept and the vision of The Ideal Village, and explained about Science for Society, a voluntary global collaboration forum, which has been working with a cross section of intellectuals across the society, with the objective of Societal Transformation.

Sri Sundar Kamath reiterated the importance of breakfast over all meals for the day,in line with all existing research, and observed that the Annapoorna Breakfast Programme will continue to play a key role in this vision for an Ideal village.

After his speech, a video was played, with testimonials from prominent personalities from society, who expressed support and encouragement for Annapoorna work.

Then Sri Satish Naik was respectfully invited to inaugurate the annual report, followed by a brief photo session.

Later, representatives from the institutions who have been supporting Annapoorna were called upon to the stage one by one, and were presented mementos as tokens of gratitude and appreciation. Some of these individuals also briefly addressed the audience and reiterated their continued support and encouragement for Annapoorna projects. This was followed by an interesting Question and Answer session with the esteemed guests.

The programme ended with a wonderful musical concert led by Ms Pooja Vaidyanathan, Playback Singer and Violinist and Brother Sai Keshav, followed by dinner.