Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Auspicious Commencement of Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Center for Pediatric Cardiac Sciences and Research


Thursday, November 26, 2015 will be remembered as yet another red-letter-day in the continuing healthcare mission of our beloved Bhagawan. The place was Ballabgarh-NCR, on the Delhi-Mathura highway. A rather foggy morning, a select group of devotees from India and around the world, whom Swami had chosen to accompany Him on this trip, gathered in the lobby of the Golden Galaxy Hotel, which had pleasantly been transformed into a Sathya Sai Satsang venue, starting with a large picture of Swami in the lobby, to the mellifluous Sai bhajans ringing through the corridors and walkways of the entire hotel that day.

At 10:00 am, the entourage started on the 20-minute-drive to the site of the proposed Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Pediatric Cardiac Sciences and Research. Devotees were already gathered at the site, eagerly waiting for their beloved Lord, hearts filled with joy. A decorated shamiana in the middle of a sprawling open paddy field with devotees singing swagatham song greeted Swami, as He made His way through the open field, walking down a green carpet.

On Swami’s command, Sri C Sreenivas addressed the select gathering. He congratulated the family, for the service they were rendering to the nation, as they had decided to sell the land on which the hospital will be built.

Swami then picked a gentleman from the audience and asked him to speak about his experience. The gentleman, Sri Inder Sharma, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles spoke about his endearing experience. During a personal interview with Bhagawan many years ago in Prasanthi Nilayam, he had placed a humble prayer at His Divine Lotus Feet;  a hospital to be built in his hometown Palwal. Swami had benevolently responded with a ‘Yes’ & said time would come. Recently, a couple of days prior to the event, when he received the news of Swami coming to initiate a hospital project, he was pleasantly taken aback to see the proposed site for the project just 2 kms from his home in Palwal! This morning Swami had picked him from the crowd to narrate this to the rest of us gathered. Indeed a glimpse of Swami’s master plan which has been in play through time, yet again!

Swami’s brief discourse that followed emphasized the importance of good health to achieve life’s goals of Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha. He said that the heart is the most important organ in the body, as it does the work of purifying the blood and pumping it to the rest of the body. Swami, emphasized the importance of teamwork and asked everyone to join together and work together. He said, “The heart gets cured by cooperation and not operation! Hence, all should get togther & work for this sacred goal.”

Glancing at the chosen few who had gathered, He said people ask how a handful of people will be able to accomplish such a large task. He answered by saying that it is He who is working through this team and hence success was inevitable! Bhagawan said, “Only from sacrifice can great work be done. The world will only remember how your body was used. I have not come here to talk much, except to perform, deliver & give back to the nation.”

Then came the announcement that caught everyone’s breath! Swami announced that on November 26, 2016, exactly a year from that day, the first heart operation would be conducted in the new hospital. He further said this would not be just any hospital, but an International centre with doctors and scientists who will visit from all over the world. Everyone rejoiced at the announcement with much cheer and applause.

The second part of the day’s program involved a beautiful satsang in a specially decorated hall back at the Golden Galaxy Hotel. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy opened the session giving an overview of Swami’s educational mission, and how the scale and pace of His mission had meteorically risen in the last three years. He spoke of Swami’s vision to have a educational institution in each and every district of India which will provide education, absolutely free of cost!

Sri C Sreenivas was the next speaker, who spoke about how the new hospital project is taking shape with Swami’s grace. He also took the opportunity to once again congratulate the owners of the land, on their decision to sell the land for such a noble cause and inadvertently become a part of this divine endeavour!

A scintillating talk by Sri Ritu Raj Maharaj, an accomplished and energetic speaker followed. He had the good fortune of doing a Bhagawata Saptaha in the divine presence way back in 2007! He spoke passionately about Swami’s selfless service to society through the decades. He and his family have been blessed beneficiaries as well. His child was diagnosed with a hole in the heart, and found succor and hope at the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Naya Raipur. Highlighting the contributions of Bhagawan’s mission of selfless love and service Sri Ritu Raj Maharaj spoke of Smt  C Rajeshwari, who started the Whitefield General Hospital and mother of Sri C Sreenivas, who is carrying the mantle of service forward to this day.

Swami delivered His divine message thereafter, which was translated into Hindi by Brother Madhusudan. Swami spoke of the virtue of sacrifice. He said, one does not become a tyagi by leaving home and hearth, and going to the forest, but becomes one by removing the selfishness from within. “While the plans and efforts to start a hospital were ongoing for the last three years, the time for it had come now and this was the right time.” He reiterated that the hospital would see its first operation exactly in a year’s time, and He invited everyone there to come and witness the grand event. He also revealed how Sri C Sreenivas has mortgaged all his property to the bank to start the project and fulfill Swami’s wishes. Further, Swami said the seed has been sown by him, and the tree will grow with the assistance coming from all over the world. Swami blessed all involved in the project and said their involvement will come to their aid in their lives, like the act of tying a cloth to Lord Krishna’s bleeding finger came to Draupadi’s rescue in her time of need.

The discourse was followed by lunch, which brought a close to this eventful day’s proceedings!