Summer Showers in Alike – Day Three – 1 June, 2016

Morning Program:

Day Three of Bhagawan’s visit to the Alike campus was an ode to the devotion of His devotees from Puttur. Bhagawan travelled to Puttur and showered His immense grace on the devotees there,and announced an ashram in due course, which will house a hospital and a school, consistent with the template of recent ashrams Swami has commissioned around the world!

The first stop in Puttur was the Sathya Sai Samithi where Bhagawan commanded Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to address the assembled devotees. He spoke of the many prophesies that one could see coming true with Bhagawan in His current subtle form. He said, the brief period between Swami leaving His mortal coil and His re-emergence in the subtle, was a interval like in the movies. As is the common knowledge, the story always gains pace after the interval and is more exciting!

Bhagawan then delivered His divine message where He reminded everyone that God was everyone, and one cannot confine God to one place or other. He cautioned everyone that reducing God to just another human being is forgetting His true nature, and this can only be attributed to one’s faulty eyesight. Similarly, to think that Swami has left us is to look at things in a limited way. “So it all depends on us and not God. One has to purify one’s thoughts, feelings and tune it towards God.” Picking on the anology used by Sri Narasimha Murthy, He said only those who have courage and patience will get to see the whole movie even after the interval. Swami then asked a very poignant question – “Would you go to a movie where you know how it is going to end? You go only to a movie that has suspense and is interesting, as one cannot predict how it will end!”

The next event for the day was organised at the Sri Kurunji Venkatramana Gowda Auditorium where the Sri Sathya Sai Prema Samagamam satsang was organised. As Bhagawan arrived to the traditional welcome of instruments, bhajans were underway inside the hall. After vedam chanting by two priests, Sri Madhusudhan Nayak, an alumnus of Swami’s school in Alike and College in Brindavan delivered the welcome address, where he also enumerated the various seva activities that were being undertaken in Puttur.

Sri U Gangadhar Bhat, Chairman – Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust, Alike was the first of the speakers who fondly remembered how Puttur had played a

Evening Program :

The setting for the evening’s programme was back in Alike, where Bhagawan first visited the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital. He went around the hospital showing guests the various specialties offered by the hospital. The waiting room for patients was transformed into a satsang hall for the day, and all the staff and visiting doctors had assembled to hear their Lord talk to them. Bhagawan asked Sri Ramesh Rao to speak first. He walked everyone through the history of the hospital and how it had reached its current levels of capacity from humble beginnings. He prayed to Swami to give them more work, and opportunities to serve.

Bhagawan then addressed all assembled. He stressed on the importance of prevention as well as cure, as the duty of a good physician. He said it was the responsibility of man to preserve the God given body. He stressed the need for developing a village outreach program at the hospital on the lines of the one being done in the Raipur hospital. He wanted a mobile bus to be put into service, where doctors from the hospital could visit villages, and address their health needs there. He also gave an open invitation to all doctors to attend the inauguration of the new hospital in Delhi this November, even while the foundations are still being dug today!

The last event of the whirlwind of a day, was with the students and staff of Alike at the Vidya Kendra building. As the vedam chanting by the students came to a close, Swami commended the quality of the chanting and said it was better than any other campus! He asked for the vedam teacher Sri Udayshankar whom he presented with a beautiful ring, and instructed him to also see how he could teach students of other campuses. The first speech was by a student Chi Mohit Krishna who passionately spoke of his ambition to serve Swami in his mission.

As Sri B N Narasimha Murthy was about to take padanamaskar before taking to the rostrum to speak, Swami asked him to invite one of the visiting Singapore devotees to speak a few words. The good fortune was Sri Tyagarajan’s. He spoke of how a terminal form of cancer had brought him to Swami in the mid-nineties and how he had found not only cure, but also solace in Swami, during those difficult times. He reminded youngsters that they all had not come to Swami because they wanted to, but because Swami had willed it.

The next speaker was Sri B N Narasimha Murthy who picked up from the last speaker’s name and said all the Singapore devotees were ‘Tyagas’ in spirit. In a mostly interactive talk, he asked the students who was smarter – “One who sacrifices the world for God or the one who sacrifices God for the world?” Refering to the newly appointed principal of Vidya Kendra school Sri Shivakumar and the new doctor Sri Adwaita, who had joined the General Hospital in Alike, he said nothing gave Bhagawan greater joy than seeing His students come back to serve in these institutions. Sri Narasimha Murthy ended his talk by narrating an incident during a sports meet in Prasanthi Nilayam where Bhagwan had taken upon Himself the pain of a student, and suffered for his sake!

The central theme and message of Bhagawan’s discourse continued to be Bhakti or devotion. He said everyone comes for worldly education, but no one comes for the education in devotion. Explaining the word Bharath, he said it meant being immersed in the Lord. If one has devotion, one can achieve anything – like the girl in the parable who asked for the hand of the prince in marriage, and thus attained the whole kingdom. “Devotion is pure selfless love for God.” He advised the students to develop and practice good habits at this early stage, as it is difficult to do so when one grows up.

The day ended with mangala aarti and prasadam, as Bhagawan retired to Sai Nivas bidding good bye to all inmates of Alike assuring them that He would be back in December to visit them again!