Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Third Year Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – December 30, 2018


Started with a vision to encompass the whole world into one family, the revolution of love called ‘Annapoorna Breakfast Seva’ celebrated its sixth year of commencement alongside the Third Year Anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust in the very presence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Himself.

It is humbling to know how Bhagawan, silently, through His chosen messengers, is reaching out to hundreds of thousands of young children offering His love in the form of food, and touching their lives to transform them into self-confident individuals. The numbers are unbelievably staggering, and yet Bhagawan mentioned that the movement has just begun, and has a long way to go.

Bhagawan was escorted into the Premamrutham Hall by the Vedam Group, and accompanied by Sri N Sampath, Chairman of the Annapoorna Trust, and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy. The programme started with an invocation by the students of Sri Sangameshwara Vidyalaya, Bengaluru, who chanted the Durga Suktam.

A short video was played to showcase the genesis and journey of the Annapoorna movement which now has touched the figure of 200,000 children, to whom breakfast is served every single morning!

Two beneficiary students shared the experiences of the Annapoorna Breakfast Seva in their school, and how it impacted their lives. The first was Kumari Rakshita, a student of Grade 10 from Government Model School, Bengaluru, who spoke in the Kannada language. In an emotional speech, she mentioned how the Seva activity brought a lot of change in her life, which was even noticed by her parents and also by her friends. She is so inspired by Bhagawan’s love that she wants to be an Annapoorna volunteer and a teacher. Bhagawan blessed her and assured her that she would serve Him in His mission by being a teacher in His Campus, once she completes her studies.

The second student was Kumari Alphia C from Grade 7 of Sri Sangameshwara Vidyalaya, who also spoke about her experiences about how the Seva activity brought a change in her life.

Next, the Headmaster of the School also shared his experiences about the activity. He has served for 30 years in this school and also a devotee of Bhagawan.

Sri Arvind Thiagarajan, Inventor of HD Stetho-device, spoke thereafter about how Bhagawan while in His physical form at Prasanthi Nilayam had guided him in an interview to develop a device that could help children. He also mentioned how later on in the subtle form, Bhagawan gave all the guidelines to modify the device, and therefore is the real inventor of the device. Bhagawan launched the device and asked the team to use it in the Annapoorna schools itself so that they could touch as many students as possible. The first of the devices were given to Dr Sarita Purushottamam, Senior Pediatrician at the Sri Sathya Sai Sarla Memorial Hospital, and Dr Phanindra, Coordinator of Divine Mother and Child programme.

Next, Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the audience in Kannada. He mentioned that there are so many problems in India, but the Annapoorna team is solving one of them by providing free breakfast to the children.

Bhagawan blessed the gathering with His Divine Discourse. He mentioned how everybody belongs to the same family, and how one should consider everybody as their own, rather than worrying only about their family members and relatives. He exhorted to help others instead of engaging in various rituals and practices, which will accrue better spiritual dividends for everyone.

Bhagawan asked the MLA of Devanahalli, Sri Nisarga Narayana Swamy to share his thoughts with the audience thereafter. He shared his views and thanked Bhagawan profusely for His love and compassion.

The programme came to a close as Mangala Arati was offered to Bhagawan.



Muddenahalli reverberated with the joyous celebrations of the Sixth Anniversary of the Annapoorna Breakfast Seva and the Third Anniversary of the Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust, which continues to increase the number of students it serves on a daily basis. Blessed and guided by Bhagawan Himself, the Trust has expanded its footprints in various States of the country and also beyond. Presently, the Seva project serves more than 200,000 children in 2600 centres across 15 States, 2 Union Territories and 5 countries, selflessly helped by 500 volunteers and 5,000 support staff. Extending beyond nutrition, the Trust has also screened 13,000 children for health check-ups and has provided clean RO water to 100,000 children and 100,000 villagers. Indeed, the grace of the Lord knows no bounds and the Breakfast Seva project is a testimony of how love could embrace everybody in its warm grasp.

Bhagawan entered the Sri Sathya Sai Sai Premamrutham Hall with the dignitaries and sat on stage as the proceedings went underway.

The Chief Guest of the evening programme was the Honorable Chief Minister of Puducherry, Sri V Narayanasamy, who has been instrumental in carrying the Breakfast Seva project to the State of Puducherry, where more than 20,000 students are being served in 213 schools.

To begin the auspicious celebrations, lamp lighting ceremony was performed invoking the Goddess of light, which was proceeded with the recitation of Anna-Brahma Suktam by the Pre-university students.

A short video was shown detailing various activities undertaken by the Trust, inspired by Bhagawan. Brother Anand Kadali presented updates about the activities carried out by the Annapoorna Trust. He talked about how Bhagawan inspired and guided the project right from the start, and also how various State governments have lent their support to the activities, and how these governments are looking to increase the impact of the activities in their respective States.

A new scheme, carrying the name of Sai Sure, a multi-nutrient supplement for children and pregnant women was launched by Bhagawan and Puducherry became the first State to introduce this supplement in the Schools. Sri Jayaprakash TC, Trustee of Annapoorna Trust, Sri Sathyanarayana K, Trustee of Annapoorna Trust, and Sri Bharani Prasad, Program Co-ordinator of Divine Mother and Child Program presented the supplement to the Chief Minister, which was launched in two tastes—chocolate and almond. The manufacturing of the supplement is done in Bengaluru in an FDA approved facility upholding highest standards.

Further, to facilitate healthcare of children who might be suffering from congenital heart diseases, that due to a lack of screening or diagnosis go unchecked and often proves to be fatal, the smart stethoscope—a device designed and produced with the guidance of Bhagawan Himself by Dr Arvind Thiagarajan, was also presented to the Chief Minister. M

The first speaker of the evening was Sri C Sreenivas, Chairman of Sri Sathya Sai Educational Trust, who addressed the gathering and thanked the Chief Minister for his presence and the support that he was extending to the Annapoorna project in his State.

Sri B N Narasimha Murty was the next speaker. He mentioned how a Triveni of service project was emanating from the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan in the form of Aahara Vahini (food), Akshara Vahini (education), and Aarogya Vahini (health). He emphasised that all these should be given free of cost, as was the culture of India once, and also with a compassionate heart. He said that Bhagawan was setting an ideal for others to follow, and governments of Indian states and even beyond should take inspiration from Him.

Sri N Sampath, Chairman of Annapoorna Trust, spoke next and thanked the Chief Minister profusely for taking time out of his busy schedule to come to Muddenahalli and be a part of the celebrations.

The next speaker was the Chief Minister of Puducherry, Sri V Narayanasamy. He mentioned that how inspired by various historical schemes, the state of Puducherry introduced breakfast, mid-day meal, and hot milk in the evening for children and achieved 100% literacy rate for the State in the last decade. He also highlighted various achievements that the State has made through dedicated schemes and focus on the upliftment of poor people. He thanked Bhagawan and also prayed that two schools on the model of His own educational institutions in Puducherry and Karaikal be established. The Chief Minister promised that the Government would provide the required land.

Bhagawan blessed the audience with His Divine message by saying that He considers everybody as His own, and mentioned that though the Breakfast Seva started in the State of Karnataka, it was the Government of Puducherry that was the first one to sign a formal MoU with the Annapoorna Trust for better delivery of the service activities. Bhagawan promised that He would open two schools in Puducherry and Karaikal for both boys and girls. He mentioned that every child is a responsibility of the society and He would be happy to see every child fed and taken care of. He blessed the volunteers and members of the Annapoorna Trust by exhorting them to continue serving the society and increasing the number of children served every year.

Mangala Arati was offered to Bhagawan as the evening programme came to a close.