Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

You Are My Mission

An exasperated devotee with all his ‘Seva blues’, landed up in the interview room, almost complaining, “Swami, we are trying so hard to make Your mission happen, but there are so many obstacles that come in our way. We are working so selflessly for the greater good of humanity, why don’t You help us take Your mission forward with ease?!”

Swami who was patiently listening to the rant of an overwhelmed soul compassionately, responded assertively, “My Dear one, you are mistaken that all this work is My mission. In fact You are My mission! If you think that the hospitals and schools are My mission, that you are helping me to make them all happen, then you are grossly wrong. In fact it’s the other way round, the hospitals and school are helping you to happen, as You are My true mission. All that I do is to make you like Me, selfless and fearless which is divinity, if all else happens and this does not, then truly My mission has not happened!”

Often caught in the mire of making things happen, instead of becoming selfless and fearless, we at the heart of His endless work, become restless and sleepless as we miss the very point that all this work is for us, and we are not here for the work. 

What service does to us is more important that what we do as service, Swami often reminds. So here we are, not missionaries working together but His mission manifesting in all of us.