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Vidya – Education for Character Building

Education should be for transformation, Baba has always said.

In keeping with this, since 2012, under Baba’s continued guidance, the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions have established many schools of integrated learning. Based on the philosophy of Educare and the sound pedagogy of Integral Education, the system of education in these schools draws its life breath from the five universal and secular human values of truth, righteousness, peace, love and nonviolence. Students in these schools are exposed to these human values in every aspect of their campus culture. From morning exercises and prayers to the academic curriculum and cultural activities, the schools integrate an ethos of academic as well as human excellence.

Learning extends into the corridors of the hostel, dining halls and other shared spaces where students learn to cooperate, have mutual respect and be self-reliant. The primary objective of education reflects the essence of Baba’s vision for it – moulding students who are valuable assets not only to the society they are part of but the nation at large.

There are currently 14 campuses in eight districts in the state of Karnataka. Of those, 10 are for boys and 4 are for girls. Over 5,000 students, including 1,500 girls study in these campuses. Set in the heart of the rural hinterlands of the state, these institutions serve the rural masses by providing education and creating employment opportunities in various capacities.

Aiming to school as many rural children, more such modern-day gurukulas in every district of Karnataka are planned. In the next few years, 20 schools for boys and 10 schools for girls will be established.

Education is for life, and not for mere living, Baba has always emphasized. In keeping with this principle, education in all these schools is provided absolutely free of cost.

To read more about the Sathya Sai education mission, click here.


Under Baba’s divine guidance, two child cardiac-care specialty hospitals are established which offer diagnostics & treatment of congenital heart diseases, totally free of cost.


The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme was started in July 2012, under Baba’s guidance, to provide nutritious breakfast to underprivileged children.

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